Thursday, 25 March 2010

I need a rest

Third post of the day . lol Well, there are so many thing to do , and there's so less time for me, all due date on this friday ! Wish me luck ya ! I just want to faster finish all my work at college, i want to graduate !  sometime, i feel like having a rest ,maybe go for a vacation, but i can't . Haha  I wanted to study also , but there is no time for me to study , need to finish all my assignment , proposal, lots of work to do. And i got 1 mid term test next week, and i haven't even start do revision . I know it's just an excuse , i should really manage my time well. Hopefully , i can study for the test after i finish everything, i really need to study !=)  Oh yeah , everyone, tune in to watch 8tv Ultimate Power Group show this sunday , 8.30pm-9.30 pm if you free . One of my primary school friend is 1 of the finalist of the Ultimate Power Group , she is 1 of the igirls member . Support igirls ya , they will perform this sunday , their first round ,vote for them ! They need our support ! =) i will be going to the studio to support my friend ! haha =)

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