Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Random thing

Ever saw a traffic light that both red light and green light lighted together ? Here you go :

The photo is blur because i capture it when i'm driving to buy breakfast. It's so random, Haha

Oh yeah , another random thing , today , when i'm on the way driving to college , there's a police roadblock at batu caves there , and i kena stopped by the police , cause i speeding . So, i stop at a side , as the police ask me to stop. So, when a traffic police come to my car , he ask me to give him my driving licence, he say i drive 93km/h ,and the speed limit is 80 km /h . Then , after he copy every details , he ask me , 'mau tolong atau saman? ' . Then , i answer , 'boleh tolong ah ?' , and he say , ' bayar  RM50 la' . But then i dont even have so much money that time , so i answer , ' ada RM10 saja , say pelajar saja', i even show him my purse . Then , he really take my RM10, and say ' pergi la' . Well , he's angry cause i actually 'bribe' him just so little amount of money . Haha . Well, this is the second time dy , last time i also kena stopped by the traffic police , and i actually just 'bribe' RM30 , then i can go already without saman .Haha Twice the same case. This prove that Malaysia really good at rasuah , bribery . lol 

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