Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Yea, is Tenji ! me and my group will do Tenji for our final year graduate exhibition show at TAR College sport complex on 6th and 7th April 2010 , 10am-4pm. Do come support us ya ! My booth is Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant , there will be games and freebies for you all , and also remember to vote for our booth if you got come ! Come visit us ya , you will never regret , it will be fun ! haha . Oh yeah , left 2 more week , then it is my exhibition already. So, really many thing to do and prepare . Well, we had finish shooting our television commercial, and we had finish edited it as well.  So, we had showed our tutor , Mr Jerry just now , and guess what , our TVC been approved by Mr Jerry . Yeah ! We also manage to get sponsor from Tenji ! Great ! haha Tomorrow we will be start recording our radio commercial , can't wait for it ! =) Then , i will be doing the poster design later . And we will get the approval of our proposal, flyer , bunting , poster , and print ad design approval as well. Hope everything will be approved , pray hard . Hope everything goes well . Oh by the way , here's my member who make the whole TVC  a sucess. This is part of the TVC scene, where we shoot it at a music studio . They are :

The rock singer - Mujahid 

The drummer - Colleen , but she's acting as a singer in this photo . Haha =)

The rock guitarist

Another guitarist in the TVC - Me , but acting as drummer in this photo . haha 

And also Ee Yee as the camera person 

All of us ! =)

So, remember to come to TARCollege sport complex to support me on 6th & 7th April ya ! =)

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