Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I am bored !

Yeah , i am bored , no job . Everyday like have the same routine , wake up , eat , online ,sleep. Sienzzz ah ! Oh yeah , i have finish reading the Pendragon series final book , like finally ! haha . Aaargh , i have trouble in finding university / college that offer advertising degree courses or something related to it . There are so limited choice , it's either i go for degree at HELP University , or go for advance diploma at TARCollege . Anyone can help ? Is there any other suggestion or alternatives? haih . You all can suggest it in my chatbox . Tomorrow will be another  boring day . haha 

Till then , bye 

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I'm jobless this holiday!

Who got part time job to introduce to me ? i want to work so badly ! i dont want to fat mou at home . I had apply many part time job , but there's no reply from them . Look like i'm jobless this holiday . Well, talk about this holiday , wel,, is quite fun actually . I had watched 3 movie this holiday . The movie are date night , how to train a dragon , and ice kacang puppy love . Ice Kacang Puppy Love is nice , the shooting skill and technique used in the film is awesome ! How to train a Dragon is nice and cute! Date Night is just too funny ! I laugh until my stomached. lol  All these three movie is nice ! Other than that , i also went for a treasure hunt , know some new friend . Whoever free , just ajak me out la, i'm very free . haha 

till then , bye

DAV2 Rocks

Oh yeah , time flies so fast , i had finish my diploma , now waiting for my final semester result . I hope i can graduate successfully ! Oh yeah , on the last few day of our fnal semester . All the DAV2 were like spend and have fun . We treat our event as our farewell party . Well, included me, we took photo during our last lecture , we go have lunch together on the last day . To tell you all the truth , i thought i will not feel sad , but then towards the last few day , i really feel sad and 'em se tak' . Been through this 2 years with the DAV family , there's sure got feeling , we all had build a bond , the friendship bond. So , all the best and good luck to all my DAV2 friend . We must meet up once in a while ya . Keep in touch ! And here's the photo we took :

Whole DAV2 after event ! =)

DAV2 and DGD2 group photo during last lecture 

DAV2 during last lecture

DAV2 rocks! Keep in touch and take care ! =)

till then ,bye

V - Award 2010 Committee

Haha , yeap , i did mention that i joining to be the committee of V - Award 2010 . Well, i'm the secretary of V- Award 2010. Yeah , i'm the secretary AGAIN ! Being a secretary ,there's a lot of work to do . But in the same time you can learn those paper work from the advisor. I do learn much . But there's some last minute work as well, cause i need to deal with my booth and at the same time deal with the paper work for V - Award . So , double the hard work . But overall, being a committee is fun ! I like it . The experience is good ! We are the pioneer committee , cause this is the first year V - Award being organised . We had much fun during all the meeting and during the award show itself . And we make it . Although there's some small problem during the award show , but then we manged to solve the problem quickly . And we are the first batch to do so , we are still in learning process . So, overall, it still a sucessful event ! Our hard work pay back . It's a event that oganised in a short time , about a month only . I get to know many new friend as well . We are a great team ! hehe . I do miss all of them , i miss rthe time we had meeting . Haha . Okay , enough of crapping , shall let the photo talk . Here are they , the committee of V - Award 2010 :

till then , bye

Thursday, 22 April 2010

V - Award Exhibition 2010

Wow, i finally finish upload all the V- Award exhibition photo . Well , overall the event is fun ! I like it ! And guess what , we been nominee for the second place for the best booth award . I'm not trying to show off or what ya , i just say only . So , here's the photo , click here to view all the photo . Thanks.

Till then , bye

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I'm still Alive

Hello everyone , sorry for not updating my blog for so long . I had been busy with assignment , final year event , and exam . But now i had finish my diploma, just waiting for my result , hopefully i can pass the 2 subject this semester . I want to graduate ! Oh yeah , and i need a part time job badly !  I don't want to fat mou at home . Oh yeah , i still cant post my final year event ,V Award Exhibition yet , cause  i still in the process of uploading photo , there are tonnes of photo . So , be patient guys , my next post will be the V- Award Exhibition post .

Till then , bye