Saturday, 24 April 2010

V - Award 2010 Committee

Haha , yeap , i did mention that i joining to be the committee of V - Award 2010 . Well, i'm the secretary of V- Award 2010. Yeah , i'm the secretary AGAIN ! Being a secretary ,there's a lot of work to do . But in the same time you can learn those paper work from the advisor. I do learn much . But there's some last minute work as well, cause i need to deal with my booth and at the same time deal with the paper work for V - Award . So , double the hard work . But overall, being a committee is fun ! I like it . The experience is good ! We are the pioneer committee , cause this is the first year V - Award being organised . We had much fun during all the meeting and during the award show itself . And we make it . Although there's some small problem during the award show , but then we manged to solve the problem quickly . And we are the first batch to do so , we are still in learning process . So, overall, it still a sucessful event ! Our hard work pay back . It's a event that oganised in a short time , about a month only . I get to know many new friend as well . We are a great team ! hehe . I do miss all of them , i miss rthe time we had meeting . Haha . Okay , enough of crapping , shall let the photo talk . Here are they , the committee of V - Award 2010 :

till then , bye

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