Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My current life

Wow , had been never update my blog for 'decades' . Forgive me my readers , cause many thing happen and i dont have the mood to update my blog . Just ignore my previous post , just some random emo post .haha . Oh yea , if you follow my fb status , u should know that something bad happen . But no worries , everything had settled and i'm completely okay now . Thanks for those who care about me ! Thanks for the encouragement ! I really appreciate it much . Well, basically , i'm already start study at Help University College at Pusat Bandar Damansara , Kuala Lumpur . I'm taking bachelor of comm . ( hons ) Marketing comm. . I start my 1st class on last friday .  I got another coursemates from tarc study together with me , we become coursemate again , and i know another two new friend from tarc . So , we 4 people study together , so at least i'm not all alone . Well, study life there quite good . Everyday drive there , then study . Basically 1 day got 2 - 4 hours of class , monday to friday . Already got assignment and got to start doing it already , cause this sem is a short sem . So, wish me luck people ! I'm going to enjoy my study life at there , hopefully . Haha

Till Then !
Bye !  

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