Friday, 18 June 2010

Leave it or Live It is still alive !

Hello , finally i'm here to update my blog .lol Been telling myself to update my blog since don't know when , like  ' decades ' ago .lol Okay , as i wrote in my previous post that i studied at HELP . Yeap , i had study at HELP for almost a month . Study life there is okay , but don't know what to eat at there . Fast food and mamak is the cheapest food at there i guess . But fast food and mamak i eat till sienz dy . So , most of the day , i eat at the hawker near my house before go to uni . But i also eat at the hawker near my house till sienz dy . But at least the food there better , it's just my opinion . Hehe Well , i still trying to adapt to HELP life . Well, my life there is not happening one , every day go to uni for class , then after class went back home . If got break during class , then me with my friend will go to Wisma HELP level 9 computer lab to online. Be low profile better . Haha

Oh ya , another problem is the parking , everyday need to go early to 'book' parking , except tuesday , cause tuesday class start at 8am , so still got parking . Others day , i will found a parking very back, but if lucky can still found a parking in front . Like today , i wake up late , thus , i reach HELP late , so turn and turn to find parking . Luckily at last i found a parking , but i late to class. Luckily today class nothing important .  Oops , i should stop complain and try to like it . lol

okay , since i blog , let me wish all my friend first . Firstly , all the best and good luck for all my TARC friend who continue advance diploma , Shu Hui , Tien Fung , Shu Wen , Chee Kit , Luann, Rong Jie , Siow Hoe , Sze Meng , all the best in advance dipl. ! Secondly , to my TARC friend who now study at UTAR P.J , Esther , Patrick , Sheau Pey , June , Chuck , Soon Hwi , all the best in UTAR ! Thirdly , to my UTAR friend which still studying and busy with fyp , Onn Sein , Sherril , Tzyy Shyuan , Woon , Kenny , all the best in your fyp ! Fourthly , for my UTAR CM friend who had graduated , Meng Meng , San Ni , William , Kai Ling , Wei Chun , Yaw Boon , Ricky , Yew Choong , joey , fyenx , kelvin , wei ching  , Sher Ryn , Samantha ,all the best in your career !

Fifthly , to my smkte friend who are working now , kang wei , han sin , jen niece , jia ming , denis , priscilia all the best in your career ! Next , to my smkte friend who are still studying at overseas , ryan , joven , chee hoe , boon seong , jiun tat , all the best in your studies ! Then , to my smkte friend who are still studying at other states , Zhe Chua , Chee Chai , Thangam , Soon Chow , Hon Kit , Mun Yee , Yee Lu ,Liang Tung , all the best in your studies ! Next , to my UCSI friend , Chee Yee , Joey , Pei Nee , Jia Wen , all the best in your studies at UCSI ! To my heng dai , Wei Qing , good luck for your interview ! Gambateh on your preparation ! To Shen Chie , and Damson , all the best for your studies at Kampar !  To my HELP friend , Melissa , Siew Wah , Ching Ni , all the best in our studies !  To my TARC friend who work dy , Kiki , Jacob , Jin Yon , Jacqueline Bibi , Wei Wei , Kim Jong , Mujaja , Colleen , Ee Yee , Jess Lee , Teri , John , all the best in your career ! To zeming , all the best in your studies too !

Kah Loong , welcome back to Malaysia . To my m.i.a friend , Joshua , how are you ,and where are you ? lol

Okay , i shall stop wish dy , endless wishing . Hope i didn't miss anyone . Tell me if i miss you , tell me if i didn't mention you ya .

Okay , that's all for today post . I will try to constantly update my blog . As fimal coming soon, i can't promise , but i will try to update .

O, in case you miss me , here's 1 of my latest photo :

Till then , bye


  1. Hahaha got my name wor.. Thanks! All the best to ur studies in HELP too. Will meet up when im home! XD

  2. Haha , of course got your name la my friend . =) Sure , thanks . Yeap , will meet up with you when u are back at Malaysia . =)

  3. Haha , you are welcome ! Eh, new blog leh . lol =)

  4. juz randomly click on your blog link. lol.

    saw my name and your wish too.
    Thanks dude. haha.All the best to you.

  5. OS : you are welcome ! lol . So random huh ? hahaha =p