Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bon Odori 2010

I always heard about Bon Odori . Since this year my cousin going also , so i just join and and went with them . My first time to Bon Odori . So on 17 July 2010 ,we leave from Subang Jaya ( My cousin house ) at about 6.30pm , when we at federal highway toward Shah Alam , there were traffic jam near the shah alam toll . Long queue and not even moving . So end up we reach at  about 7.10pm, and there's no parking , we just follow the car and park very far deep in . We park at the Chinese memorial park , Nirvana office there ,it's after the indian cemetary and tanah perkuburan islam , damn creepy . And we walk all the way to the stadium Panasonic . When enter the stadium panasonic , i can see that the crowd at Bon Odori 2010 is awesome, there's so many people.

The crowd 

After we found a place to sit , we go look around at the stall to buy our dinner . Here's some stall :

Japanese Crepes

Ice Cream Yakitori . I should had bought  this to eat . But i didn't bought it cause the queue is too long . I lazy to queue . According to Liki , this is a must eat food at Bon Odori . I will buy it and eat if i going next year .

After walk around , finally i went to :

Yea , i went to Sakae Sushi stall and buy Chicken teriyaki to eat as dinner .

I know some of my friend went there that day . But too many people , i cant find them , and the line reception at there is bad . So end up i didn't meet them .

So after dinner , me and my cousin went to dance at the last session of japanese dance . It's cool and fun to dance with so many people together .

We leave at almost 11pm , when the guard halau us out .lol We walk back to our lonely car where it park alone very far, cause many people already went back by that time . 

Overall, it's quite fun and it's a good experience ! At least i learned some japanese dance. Haha . I would go again next year if there's chances.

Okay , till then . bye . =)


  1. i was there too!!! ^____________^... enjoyed it a lot, except the part when we had to wait for the ktm...

  2. Hehe , i see i see . Yea , many people when there . The crowd is so awesome ! Yea , enjoyed it too . Ktm okay , better still ,no need to find parking , except that need to wait for the KTM la, no delay , right ? We all drive there , very hard to find parking lo, park very far , and walk all the way to Bon Odori . XD