Monday, 26 July 2010

Boring Holiday

Well, my holiday is kind of boring . I want to work, but there's no job available. I had apply some part time job, but no rely from them . I dont want to rot at home everyday , althought i always went out since holiday start . Okay ,let's start from the day i finish exam, which is 15 July 2010 , on that night , i already went to yumcha with my secondary school classmate . Then saturday went to watch Despicable Me and went to bon odori with my cousin . Then on this wednesday , i went to Cheras Connought Pasar Malam with my UCSI friend . On thursday , i went to cut my hair . Then on friday night , i went to yumcha with my another geng of secondary school classmate . I dont think there's outing anymore, i already broke , as no work = no money . I'm going to rot at home . And i dont know when my new semester start , going to call HELP on Monday . Who got part time job , please recommend me, ok ? thanks in advance ! Before i end this post , here's my latest look :

That's all . Bye

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  1. yeah hols can be boring =)

  2. Ken : Yea , i have about 1 month ++ holiday . it's boring .lol Thanks for visiting my blog anyway. =)