Monday, 26 July 2010

Dear blog , i'm back !

Okay , i had not update my blog for 1 month plus ,my blog is literally dying , so here i am to update my blog . At first , i feel like stop blogging ,but i decided to back to blogging after i read few awesome blog . Their blog had inspired me , and give me some motivation to continue blogging . Let's stop crapping,now let me tell you why i didn't blog for the past 1 month , the reason is simple, because i having my final exam . Although my last semester is just a short semester , with just two subject to study , but there's many chapter to study . I told myself to stop went online , but i just cant stop online , i still online once in a while after i study for few hours . What i do when online is facebook, no doubt facebook is too addictive .Thus , i only have time to study and facebook , and i lazy to blog during my final exam period . Many of you guys might wonder , aren't i already graduate . Nah , i just finish diploma, and now i'm taking Marketing Communication degree at HELP University College. But i'm having semester holiday now . Want to see my nerd study look ? here are them :

Can i dont study ? =p

One of the text book i had study . Study from 1st page till last page , about 600++ page

The highlighted test book .lol 

That's all for now . bye 

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