Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kitchen Creatures

Yea , went to had my lunch at Kitchen Creatures yesterday with my friend after i saw  Henry Lee blog post on it. I always want to try the food there , so finally i tried . So on the way go to Kitchen Creatures , i call Henry Lee to make sure where's the restaurant . I know it's in Centrepoint , but dont know at which level . So after the help of two guards , i found the place . 

Kitchen Creatures

Kitchen Creatures is a no frill dining restaurant . What is no frill means ? check out the photo below . 


They have awesome menu .



The environment at there very nice .

Okay , *warning * . Below this will have many food photo . It will make you hungry . =)

My Fried Rice , RM8 . It taste nice .

My friend's Banger and mash , RM17 . It taste good too .

Some other menu :

I didn't took photo with my friend as my camera memory full when i want to do so .lol 

So after finish our meal , we went back home . And the parking at Centrepoint is free.

Kitchen Creatures is at Centrepoint level 2 ( next to McD ) . The price is reasonable and the food there is nice .

So, what you waiting for ?, go for the no frill dining with free parking ! =)

Till then , bye 

Premiere Screening of Step Up 3D

Yea , i went to the premiere screening of Step Up 3D one day after Premire screening of vampires suck , which is on 25 August 2010 at GSC Tropicana City Mall. Thanks to Chloe for invite me to be her date for the day . I reach Tropicana city mall at 6.30pm . Went to  meet Shannon  at Nichii , then we went to Vivo American Pizza and Panini to meet up with the other blogger to have our dinner , but few of the blogger haven't reach yet, they stuck in the jam . Met Jia Yeen , Richard , Shii Teck  , and Tony , then we went into Vivo , while waiting for others to reach . They order first , but i didn't order yet ,as i need to go to fetch Chloe at 7.15pm .

So , at 7.15pm something , i went out to fetch Chloe from Taman Bahagia LRT station . Luckily no jam when go back Tropicana city mall , reach back at Tropicana city mall at 7.45pm like that . Then follow Henry Tan to the GSC to collect our movie ticket . And we get 2 free dance magazine that worth RM18 . After we get the movie ticket , we go back to vivo to join the dinner with Liki , Jia Yeen , Richard , Shii Teck  ,  Tony ,and few other bloggers . Then later on Cayenne and his brother , Ryan ,and Henry Lee join us . Then at 8.45pm, we went to GSC to watch the movie .

 Step Up 3D

New York’s intense street dancing underground comes alive in eye-popping Digital 3D in the third installment of the STEP UP franchise as the raw, passion-fueled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke (RICK MALAMBRI) and Natalie (SHARNI VINSON), team up with NYU freshman Moose (ADAM SEVANI), and find themselves pitted against the world’s best break dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.

Well, i didn't watch step up 1 and 2 . So, after i saw the trailer , i want to watch the Step Up 3D . I will not be spoiler and tell you about the movie plot in detail. The movie is about love , competition and dance. The dance in the movie is more toward hip hop and breakdance but in latin style . There's basically two team fighting for the world's best break dancers. The dance step in the movie is cool and awesome . And the music used in the movie during the dances scene is really nice and cool too ! What i can say is if you like dancing , then you will surely like this movie . It's a movie that worth to watch .

Me and Chloe 

Thanks to Chloe for the invite ! =)

After the movie , we saw some people dancing outside the cinema . Haha . But we watch a while then took photo with other bloggers.

Me and Henry Lee

Me and Tony 

Group photo with the remaining bloggers that still are at the cinema .

Then after that , we went to SS2 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng to yumcha and supper , as Henry Lee havent eat his dinner . Then after yumcha session , we back to our home sweet home .

Till then , bye . =)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Premiere Screening of Vampires Suck by Nuffnang

Courtesy of Nuffnang , i had win 2 ticket of premiere screening of vampires sucks at 24 august at GSC One Utama . So on that day , i reach One Utama about 630pm , then i go meet up with Shannon  and her date of the day . Then , we wait for my date , Liki. After that , Tony join us and we meet up with other blogger that came for the screening also which are Henry Tan , Hooi Nee , Shereen and Xiu Qi , Chloe , Daphie , Jason Tuang at Vietnam Kitchen . Yes , we had our dinner at Vietnam Kitchen, my second time eat at there .

The unique menu . First time saw such menu , like newspaper .

Our ticket and nuffnang badge .

Okay , i shall skip about the food part . I didn't took any photo of all the food we eat .

So after dinner , we hang out at Vietnam Kitchen until about 8.45pm , then we went to the cinema and watch Vampires Sucks . 

Local Release: 26th August 2010
Directed by: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
Written by: Jason Friedberg (screenplay), Aaron Seltzer (screenplay)
Cast: Matt Lanter , Chris Riggi, Ken Jeong , Jenn Proske
Genre: Comedy
Vampires Suck Trailer (you tube link):

Plot Outline:
A spoof of vampire-themed movies, where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys. As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas, everything comes to a head at their prom.

Okay , i don't want to be a spoiler . I will not say further detail about the movie . What i can say is this movie is a spoof of Twillight saga . They imitate some part of the Twillight saga and edit the action . If you like lame movie , then you wil like this movie . This movie is super lame  , i laughed all the way at the cinema ,and was like WTH ,OMG . The movie is lame yet entertaining. The movie is something like scary movie , epic movie all those . It's hillarious . And lastly ,what i can say is Vampires Suck !

Last but not least

Here's my date for the day ,Liki

Thanks a lot for the invites from Nuffnang

Till then , bye . =)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Are you ready for Cats and Dogs movie ?

Courtesy of  Adverlets and FeeqSays Network , there's 40  tickets of  premier screening of Cats and Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore will be give away.

So , are you ready for the cats and dogs movie ?

For me . i'm ready . In fact i'm looking forward to watch this movie . I just love those cute kitty cat , pupies and dogs . They are just so adorable ! =) Well,  i remember that i had a dog as my pet when i small , like about 4 -5 years old . But after 1 year , the dog is dead because somebody poison my dog , he got the poison and dead . I still remember it is a brown dog . so, since then , there's no more pet at my house . I didn't have any pet from then until now . But dont know why , now i  scared when i see dogs , maybe scared of bitten by them . 
If you ask me to choose between cats or dogs , i think i will more prefer cats . But that doesn't mean i dont like dogs , i do like those cute puppies and dogs .

Dogs are cute and adorable , right ? it is so cute and adorable .

For your information , this dog belong to the aunty who always cut my hair , I always saw this dog when i go cut my hair at there . This dog is cute , she know how to shake hand and say thank you . I'm serious , i saw it with my eyes . I didn't joke about it . =)

Well, tell you a real story , on one day of few years back , when i on the way to universities , i suddenly emergency break as there's a dog crossing the road in front of my car , and i doesn't want to knock it . So ,at last , a CRV knock my back bumper , and another taxi knock the CRV . But luckily the dog is okay , no injury . When i told my friend about it , most of them say i should have just knock it . But it is definitely a No ., i will not knock the dog , it is also a life , and i dont want to have nightmare at night .

Well., i like cute kitty and cats too , but i didn't have cats at home . But i do have friends who own cute cats . I always feel happy when saw it . They are so cute and adorable ! =)

Okay , now let me share the trailer and synopsis of the movie .

In the age-old battle between cats and dogs, one crazed feline has taken things a paw too far. Kitty Galore, formerly an agent for cat spy organization MEOWS, has gone rogue and hatched a diabolical plan to not only bring her canine enemies to heel, but take down her former kitty comrades and make the world her scratching post. Faced with this unprecedented threat, cats and dogs will be forced to join forces for the first time in history in an unlikely alliance to save themselves – and their humans – in “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,” a comedy that blends live action with state-of-the-art puppetry and computer animation. It’s time for the fur to fly.
Movie Screening Details
Date : 1st September 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 8.30 PM (Come on time to register your seat!)
Venue : GSC Mid Valley, Hall 10 (165 seats)

It's easy to win the ticket , you just need to blog about the contest like what i do in this post , and remember to write your email also .

Each winner will win 2 ticket .

The best 3 blog who blog about this post will win goodies bag from Sunsilk, MyC!, Just Dance and Dentyne!
The winner will be inform through email .
Blog post & reply in this post before 26.08.2010 (Thursday) 9PM
The winner will be announce (through email) by 27.08.2010 (Friday) 9PM

*** Important  Note :
-Your entry must link to this blog post and have the movie flyer image (the 1st image in this post) included in the post.

-Reply in this blog post comment your post url and your email.
-Don't forget to credit Advertlets & FeeqSays Network.
-The winner require to blog the movie review as well (after the movie)

So, what you waiting for ? Just join now ! =)

A gathering with my awesome secondary school mates

Yea , last friday ( 20/8/10 ), one of my secondary school mates suggest to organize a gathering , as some of them are back from U.K and U.S for holiday , and they are going back for studies soon . We decided to have a dinner at Ninji Japanese Restaurant ,at Bandar Manjalara . Well, i can't comment much about the food , as i didn't join them for dinner because i'm working until 9pm that day .

After i reach home after work, 1 of them , Han Sin called me and tell me to go 1 of my secondary school mates , Shin Wei's house , all 18 of them are there . So , after a quick dinner and bath , i drive to Shin Wei house at Desa Park city . 10 car included my car park outside his house . Lol. All of them are waiting for me, i'm touched .Lol . Actually they are waiting for me to start our all time favourite game , Mafia .

For your information , Mafia is a card game , where everyone will get 1 card . Then , there's will be few card be indicated as the Mafia , 1 card as doctor , another card as spy . There will be a narrator .So when the game start , everyone will close their eyes . Then , The narrator will ask those who get the card indicated as mafia will wake up and discuss to kill who ( p.s : Nobody will know who's the mafia ) . Then after mafia close their eyes , the person who get the card indicated as doctor willl wake up and tell the narrator to save who . After doctor close his / her eyes , the person who get the card indicated as spy will wake up and guess who the Mafia and tell the narrator . Then , after the spy close his / her eyes , everyone will wake up . Then , the narrator will tell who got killed . But nobody will get killed if the doctor save the correct person . Then the person who get killed will tell his last words as to guess who's the mafia . Then after that , everyone will vote who is the mafia , and the person with the most vote will be eliminated . The game goes on until the amount of mafia is more than citizen , or the amount of citizen is more than the mafia . It's a good game to test your brain . =)

So , we play 1 round of mafia , after we finish the game , we took a group photo . Then some of them went home , and some of us go for supper at the nearby mamak . =)

Here's the group photo :

Time flies , we had been friend for 7-9 years . They all are always my bunch of awesome friend !
I heart and love all of them ! =)
Well, there's more , some of them cant attend that gathering as they are studying at other state .

* All photo are credited to Shin wei's panasonic lumix GF1 camera .

Till then , bye . =)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

  Claire Redfield 

" Hi, i'm Claire Redfield , i arrived at Raccoon City im search of my brother , Chris Redfield . During the mission , i found out that many human  is infected by a virus called T-virus , which is  created by Albert Wesker , the Chairman of Umbrella Corporation . I must stop the virus from spreading . Thus , i need to fight Umbrella Corporation and kill Albert Wesker ."

If i'm Claire Redfield , i will not straight rush and run into Umbrella Corporation . I will need to have a strategic plan before i go into the Umbrella Corporation .Before i fight the Umbrella Corporation , i need to know my target ,choose my member , choose a good time to attack ,  the weapon that i will equiped , divide the roles of the member , and the strategy that i will use.

Okay , my target is Umbrella Corporation .

 Umbrella Corporation

And my another target is Albert Wesker .

 Alberrt Wesker 

Next , i need to choose my member to join my mission . The first member i will recruit is Alice , the another undercover for umbrella corporation that against Umbrella corporation and Albert Wesker . The second member  i will recruit is  Leon , the person who save me from eaten by virus zombie . The third member i going to recruit is Jill Valentine , which is a member of U.S Army Delta Force . The fourth member i will recruit is Carlos Oliveira ,an umbrella mercenary soldier that want to escape Racoon City . The fifth member i will recruit is no other than my own brother , Chris Redfield . So , with all this member , i confident that we had enough of human power to fight Umbrella Corporation . 

Then ,i  will need to choose a good time to attack . I will choose night time ,as the security of Umbrella corporation will be not that tight during night time , as there will be less security guard . And it's easier to attck at night as it is dark at night .

Next , i will need to choose the weapon that i'm going to bring to attack . The first weapon i will bring is  bullet proof umbrella . Since it is umbrella corporation , i will bring  bullet proof umbrella to be a shield or protector or armor for me and my member . 

Something like this , but the umbrella is bullet proof .

The next weapon i will bring and use is  zapper . Zapper is useful to electric shock the security guard  inside the umbrella corporation .


The third weapon i will bring and use is  silencer , Silencer  is useful to kill the security guard where other security guard will not heard of it and will not create attention .


The last weapon i will bring and use is  small knife . Small knife is useful to kill the security guard quietly and quick .

small knife

With all these weapon , i'm confident that it is enough and sufficient to kill all the security guard and of course Albert Wesker .

Then , i need to divide the roles of my member . Firstly , Leon will be my security with the bulletproof umbrella to protect all of us. While Jill Valentine and Carlos will be the security cum killer holding the silencer to kill all the security guard . Me and Alice will be the killer holding small knife to kill the security guard and of course Albert Wesker . My brother , Chris will be the ambush killer holding a zapper to zap the security guard and whoever trying to stop us . 

So, with all the recruit of member , weapon equipped ,and knowing their own roles . We will need to see the map of Umbrella Corporation . We as a team will need to know all the entrance and exit . We will choose an entrance and exit route where there's less security guard . So, the strategy that i will use is ambush . We will ambush and kill when it is late night and the security guard is not so energized and awake. Me, Alice , Jill , Carlos , and Chris will each ambush at different entrance of the Umbrella Corporation and kill or zap the security guard and whoever that trying to stop us . While Leon will be spying at the Umbrella Corporation and find a good way to enter Albert Wesker room , and also keep an eye of the building . Just in case there's anything happen or anyone saw us , he can inform us . 

So after we kill and zap all the security guard at all the entrance and exit  , we willl all walk together to Albert Wesker room. Leon will be at the front security with the bulletproof umbrella to protect us . Me and Alice will be in the middle . Then Chris will be the security cum zapper at the side to zap whoever who trying to stop us from the side . Jill and Carlos will be at the back security cum killer to kill whoever trying to stop us from our back.

So when we safely reach Albert Wesley room, we will ask and threaten Albert Wesley for the virus antidote . After we get the antidote , me and Alice will kill Albert Wesley. When Albert Wesley died , there will be no more Umbrella Corporation .

This is how i will go against and fight the evil Umbrella Corporation.

- The End -

If you wonder why i wrote this post . It is because i'm joining the Nuffnang Premiere Screening : Resident Evil  : Afterlife 3D contest . For your information , Sony pictures is giving Nuffnanger's chance to watch Resident Evil : Afterlife in 3D  two days before it's releasing date . And one lucky Nuffnanger will walk home from the screening with a sony 16GB Video Walkman worth RM 749 . 

To take part in this contest , you just need to write a blog post with the title " Fighting Umbrella Corporation " , and explain how would you go against the evil Umbrella Corporation if you are Alice or Claire .


Till then , bye. =)

First time photoshoot at Sunday Studio

Yea , i went to a free photoshooting organized by 1 of the blogger that i know , Henry Lee ( @CleverMunkey ) at last saturday at Sunday studio at Sunway Technology Park , Sunway  Damansara . This is my first ever photoshoot . I go to the photoshoot just for fun and to meet all my blogger friend . Am excited for the photoshoot , and overall it is fun . I'm happy and glad to meet all the awesome blogger . And of course thanks a lot to the awesome photographer of the day , Henry Lee (@CleverMunkey ) , he really did a great job . All the photo took by him is nice and awesome. Okay , now let me show you my photo .

Okay ,there's some photo that i didn't upload here , for the complete 1 ,check out at my Facebook . =)
You all are free to comment at my facebook or here about my photo . =)

Last but not least , a few group photo of us , the awesome blogger .

Nice to meet the awesome blogger , from left : Me , Liki , Hooi Nee  , Cayenne ,Baboon Tan  , Stephanie's friend , Stephanie  .

And not forget Tony and Jia Yeen  . Nice to meet both of them too ! =) Tony come for a while only , while Jia Yeen rushing to work after her photoshoot .

And once again thanks to the photographer of the day , Henry Lee . Thanks a lot for the awesome photo ! =)

I had fun at the studio  . Hope there's more photoshooting . =)

Till then ,bye ! =)

Adventure of the King movie review

Yesterday  i went to watch adventure of the king at 11.20pm movie with my friend at one utama gsc . Well, the movie is quite lame actually . I laugh all the way throughout the movie in the cinema . I heard many people laugh , and some of them laugh very loud . The main actor of the movie are Da S from Taiwan and Richie Ren.

 Okay , just give you all a brief synopsis of the movie . This movie is talking about an ancient emperor or King ( Richie Ren ) . The movie started with a play / drama by the citizen created by the queen ( the mother of the King ) to prevent his son ( the King ) to go out from the castle . So , the queen intention is to create a citizen street to enable the King to see outside world .

But the King still curious about the outside world . So, he and his 3 follower with his sister curi curi went out from the castle. And when the King is outside world , he lost his memory due to some accident ( see yourself to know what happen ) , then he been saved by a young lady that owned a mee shop . And later on he in love with the young lady ( Da S ) that save her .

But then later on , the King Uncle come and attack him , and he only declare that he's a King , and this is heard by the young lady . The young lady is angry after knowing that the King cheated her . So , will the King win the war ? Will the young lady that save her married the King ? go watch and you will know . =) Sorry , i dont want to be a spoiler ( but maybe i already is a spoiler . haha )  Oh ya , the funny part is the fighting scene and the play / drama by the citizen . =)

Movie rating : 3/5

Till then , bye ! =)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm Using Mail to Blogger to blog

I'm suppose to use my blogger dashboard to create a new post , but there's some technical problem . So i'm using Mail to Blogger to create new post . But i dont know how to attach photo here . Who know how to report to blogger about the technical problem , and where to report ? Teach me please , i need help . Thanks in advance ! =)

Am back in Good mood

Hello , i am fine now , sorry for the previous few sad and emo post . No worries ! I'm fine and happy now . After all, it already happen , and we must accept it . Be positive and happy , as life is short . Thanks a lots for the caring people ! You all know who you are . =)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Shall i go change my luck ?

Yea , really very bad luck today . After just now that incident , then now my handphone spoilt pula, masuk air . Seriously , shall i go change my luck ? Aaaaargh . Sigh Had send my handphone to a shop , and they will need to send to sony ericsson centre to check what's the problem . Then they will tell me how much it cost to repair the handphone . So, i shall see how much and whether it worth to repair or not . If really repair , then my salary money got to be used again . Haih So , now i doesn't had phone to use , got to use my mum's old motorola phone temporarily . Hope it can be used . If not , i need to borrow phone from my friend or cousin . Anyway, who got extra or old phone to borrow me to use it temporarily ?

Till then , bye 

Bad Day

Yea , today is a bad day . Just now when i back from job interview , while i almost reach home , i accidently knock down a motorcycle. I also dont know how i knock the motorcycle, i just can't recall, it happen too fast ! The motorcyclist had some minor injury , some scratches. So, as is my fault , i bring the motorcyclist to the motorcycle shop nearby , and i called my mum to come to there to meet me , and to help me settle everything .

Then , when my mum reach , she discuss with the motorcycle about the price and what to repair for the motor . And i bring the injured motorcyclist to the clinic nearby . Then my mum pay the medical fees which cost RM40 . The injured motorcyclist take 1 day M.C . Then we all go back to discuss about what to repair with the motor shop owner . Only will know the price of repair the motor by tomorrow , most likely cost about RM200 -300 , as need to change many parts . And i will need to buy a new business slack pant for that motorcyclist ,as his one had tear off , and he ask me to pay back him the pant . So, for now , my mum will pay all the medical and repair fees first . But i will return the money to her when i get my salary next month . Few hundred dollars will gone . Got to work hard to earn back the money .

Dont worry , i'm not injured at all, but there's scar at my car front bumper now . =(

My proton badge scratch and a little bit crack .

scratches at front bumper 1

Scratches at front bumper 2

Scratches at front down bumper 

Scratches at front bumper 3

My front number plate last digit habis

*heart pain ah*

Okay , definitely need to go do a new number plate , i dont want to stop by police and  kena fined . I wanted to go spray those scratches , but mum say no need . It's damn ugly whey . Maybe will go do it once i get my salary . Will see how . 

Lesson learnt : Focus when driving , dont think anything or dreaming .

What a memorable day for me , 18/8/10 

Till then , bye .