Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A gathering with my awesome secondary school mates

Yea , last friday ( 20/8/10 ), one of my secondary school mates suggest to organize a gathering , as some of them are back from U.K and U.S for holiday , and they are going back for studies soon . We decided to have a dinner at Ninji Japanese Restaurant ,at Bandar Manjalara . Well, i can't comment much about the food , as i didn't join them for dinner because i'm working until 9pm that day .

After i reach home after work, 1 of them , Han Sin called me and tell me to go 1 of my secondary school mates , Shin Wei's house , all 18 of them are there . So , after a quick dinner and bath , i drive to Shin Wei house at Desa Park city . 10 car included my car park outside his house . Lol. All of them are waiting for me, i'm touched .Lol . Actually they are waiting for me to start our all time favourite game , Mafia .

For your information , Mafia is a card game , where everyone will get 1 card . Then , there's will be few card be indicated as the Mafia , 1 card as doctor , another card as spy . There will be a narrator .So when the game start , everyone will close their eyes . Then , The narrator will ask those who get the card indicated as mafia will wake up and discuss to kill who ( p.s : Nobody will know who's the mafia ) . Then after mafia close their eyes , the person who get the card indicated as doctor willl wake up and tell the narrator to save who . After doctor close his / her eyes , the person who get the card indicated as spy will wake up and guess who the Mafia and tell the narrator . Then , after the spy close his / her eyes , everyone will wake up . Then , the narrator will tell who got killed . But nobody will get killed if the doctor save the correct person . Then the person who get killed will tell his last words as to guess who's the mafia . Then after that , everyone will vote who is the mafia , and the person with the most vote will be eliminated . The game goes on until the amount of mafia is more than citizen , or the amount of citizen is more than the mafia . It's a good game to test your brain . =)

So , we play 1 round of mafia , after we finish the game , we took a group photo . Then some of them went home , and some of us go for supper at the nearby mamak . =)

Here's the group photo :

Time flies , we had been friend for 7-9 years . They all are always my bunch of awesome friend !
I heart and love all of them ! =)
Well, there's more , some of them cant attend that gathering as they are studying at other state .

* All photo are credited to Shin wei's panasonic lumix GF1 camera .

Till then , bye . =)

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