Monday, 23 August 2010

Adventure of the King movie review

Yesterday  i went to watch adventure of the king at 11.20pm movie with my friend at one utama gsc . Well, the movie is quite lame actually . I laugh all the way throughout the movie in the cinema . I heard many people laugh , and some of them laugh very loud . The main actor of the movie are Da S from Taiwan and Richie Ren.

 Okay , just give you all a brief synopsis of the movie . This movie is talking about an ancient emperor or King ( Richie Ren ) . The movie started with a play / drama by the citizen created by the queen ( the mother of the King ) to prevent his son ( the King ) to go out from the castle . So , the queen intention is to create a citizen street to enable the King to see outside world .

But the King still curious about the outside world . So, he and his 3 follower with his sister curi curi went out from the castle. And when the King is outside world , he lost his memory due to some accident ( see yourself to know what happen ) , then he been saved by a young lady that owned a mee shop . And later on he in love with the young lady ( Da S ) that save her .

But then later on , the King Uncle come and attack him , and he only declare that he's a King , and this is heard by the young lady . The young lady is angry after knowing that the King cheated her . So , will the King win the war ? Will the young lady that save her married the King ? go watch and you will know . =) Sorry , i dont want to be a spoiler ( but maybe i already is a spoiler . haha )  Oh ya , the funny part is the fighting scene and the play / drama by the citizen . =)

Movie rating : 3/5

Till then , bye ! =)

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