Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bad Day

Yea , today is a bad day . Just now when i back from job interview , while i almost reach home , i accidently knock down a motorcycle. I also dont know how i knock the motorcycle, i just can't recall, it happen too fast ! The motorcyclist had some minor injury , some scratches. So, as is my fault , i bring the motorcyclist to the motorcycle shop nearby , and i called my mum to come to there to meet me , and to help me settle everything .

Then , when my mum reach , she discuss with the motorcycle about the price and what to repair for the motor . And i bring the injured motorcyclist to the clinic nearby . Then my mum pay the medical fees which cost RM40 . The injured motorcyclist take 1 day M.C . Then we all go back to discuss about what to repair with the motor shop owner . Only will know the price of repair the motor by tomorrow , most likely cost about RM200 -300 , as need to change many parts . And i will need to buy a new business slack pant for that motorcyclist ,as his one had tear off , and he ask me to pay back him the pant . So, for now , my mum will pay all the medical and repair fees first . But i will return the money to her when i get my salary next month . Few hundred dollars will gone . Got to work hard to earn back the money .

Dont worry , i'm not injured at all, but there's scar at my car front bumper now . =(

My proton badge scratch and a little bit crack .

scratches at front bumper 1

Scratches at front bumper 2

Scratches at front down bumper 

Scratches at front bumper 3

My front number plate last digit habis

*heart pain ah*

Okay , definitely need to go do a new number plate , i dont want to stop by police and  kena fined . I wanted to go spray those scratches , but mum say no need . It's damn ugly whey . Maybe will go do it once i get my salary . Will see how . 

Lesson learnt : Focus when driving , dont think anything or dreaming .

What a memorable day for me , 18/8/10 

Till then , bye .


  1. oh man. take care ok.

    don't dream while driving.

  2. walao, at least you're fine and it wasn't a major accident! Take care, ya!

  3. OSL : lol , i think i didn't dream, i just not that focus , and think of something else . =0

    Tansra : Yea , luckily . Sure , no prob ! U too ! take care ! =)