Thursday, 5 August 2010


I am a car lover since i small , i like car . I guess almost all the guy like car , right ? Okay , maybe some does not like car . I still remember last time my dad used to run business that related to car , not mechanic if i not mistaken , i can't remember as i'm small that time . Okay , so , as my dad run a business related to car , he always bring back those toy car model for me, so i think since that i like car very much . I have an own shelf to store all my toy car at my home . So, now let me show you the car .

Hotwheels car

Shell James Bond Car Collection

I own a Aston Martin DBS

This is Aston Martin DBS , right ? haha

Oh oh , i own 8 Ferari too 

Here are them . Shell Complete Ferari Toy Car Collection

Want to see Bumblebee?

This is Bumblebee

And of course Lego . Okay , the middle one is not a car , is a spaceship.

Talking about car , i'm now driving a Proton Wira Sedan Manual . I quite satisfied with it , at least i got a car to drive .

I'm sure everyone got a dream car . As for me , my dream car is :


Got to work hard fo this dream car . Will buy it after i work and earn money . Need to save lots of money to buy this dream car .

Till then . Bye