Sunday, 15 August 2010

Imma Avril Lavigne All Time Fans

Yeah , I'm Avril Lavigne all time fans . A brief profile of Avril Lavigne . Avril Lavigne full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne , which means April  grape vineyard if i not mistaken, it's a french name . She born on 27 September 1984 at Belleville , Ontario , Canada .

Avril Lavigne , hot , right ?
By the way , i like her not because of she's hot .

Okay , let see , i started to like her song when i listen to her song , complicated ,and my happy ending .

Complicated is her breakthrough single from her first album , Let Go which released in year 2002 , when she was 17 years old . While My Happy Ending is her singles from her second album which  released in year 2004 . There's other song like sk8er boy , together , He wasn't , Nobody's Home , Take Me Away ,Tomorrow . All these are my favourite song of her second album .

Her first album , Let Go 

Her Second Album , Under My Skin 

Avril Lavigne third album , The Best Damn Thing, released in year 2007 . My favourite and reccomended song of this third album are Hot , Innocence , Keep Holding On , I will Be , When You Are Gone , and  Contagious .

Her third album , The Best Damn Thing 

Later on year 2010 , she wrote a song for Alice In the Wonderland movie , and it  become the official track for Alice in the Wonderland , which are Alice .


Basically , i like all Avril Lavigne song . I like her song is because her song is meaningful , there's meaning and story in her song . She compose most of her album song . Besides that , i like her as she is a talented singer , she can play drum, piano , organ , and guitar . 

I own all the three album. I can't wait  for the fourth album , which are still in the process of recording . Oh , i also own her Best Damn Tour concert DVD .

Apart from singing , she also involved in the acting of some drama and movie . She appear in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch , and several other drama, movie , and animation . 

In July 2008 , She launch her own clothing line , Abbey Dawn ,which featuring a back to school collection . She is the designer of all the clothes .

Abbey Dawn 

Abbey Dawn Hoodie , Avril Lavigne all time favorite .

Abbey Dawn Back to School Collection

Abbey Dawn Hello Kitty 

In the end of year 2008 , Avril Lavigne created her first fragnance , Black Star , created by Procter and Gamble Prestige product .

Avril Lavigne Black Star

Avril Lavigne Black Star Perfume

Avril Lavigne Black Star Shower Gel

And recently i heard from Hitomi , another fans of Avril Lavigne , Avril Lavigne had become the ambassador for Canon . Yea , that's why i like Avril Lavigne . She is very talented , she is not just a singer , she is also an actor , model , entrepreneur , and ambassador . 

Lastly , i'm proud to say Imma All time and crazy fans of Avril Lavigne

P.S : All photo are taken from google. 

Till then , bye  


  1. Wah, sounds like an advert promoting Avril leh! You're really applying everything you learnt in Advertising! So pro, wei...hats off to you! :)

  2. Lol , not advertising .Haha . But i do apply some. Lol Thanks for your compliment ! =)

  3. I am quite her fan too sort of...I sing her song everytime i go sing k. and the "when u r gone" I never reach the high note haha

  4. Aiwei : i see i see . Her song rocks !! Same , i also sing her song evrytime i go sing k. Yea , the when u r gone had high note . Then try adjust it to lower tone la . Hehe =)