Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kitchen Creatures

Yea , went to had my lunch at Kitchen Creatures yesterday with my friend after i saw  Henry Lee blog post on it. I always want to try the food there , so finally i tried . So on the way go to Kitchen Creatures , i call Henry Lee to make sure where's the restaurant . I know it's in Centrepoint , but dont know at which level . So after the help of two guards , i found the place . 

Kitchen Creatures

Kitchen Creatures is a no frill dining restaurant . What is no frill means ? check out the photo below . 


They have awesome menu .



The environment at there very nice .

Okay , *warning * . Below this will have many food photo . It will make you hungry . =)

My Fried Rice , RM8 . It taste nice .

My friend's Banger and mash , RM17 . It taste good too .

Some other menu :

I didn't took photo with my friend as my camera memory full when i want to do so .lol 

So after finish our meal , we went back home . And the parking at Centrepoint is free.

Kitchen Creatures is at Centrepoint level 2 ( next to McD ) . The price is reasonable and the food there is nice .

So, what you waiting for ?, go for the no frill dining with free parking ! =)

Till then , bye 


  1. cheap ah? i went to kbu to find my friends last few weeks. we entered the restaurant, sat down, looked at the price on the menu, looked at each other and left.. XD

  2. ok la , considered cheap with that standard ma. Somemore no government and service tax le . Hehe =)

  3. didn't invite me?!haha the food taste nice?
    @ryan:it's really cheap

  4. Chloe : Haha , no la , cause it is a sudden planning , me and my friend hungry , so i suggest we go there makan . Next time i ajak u . haha =)

  5. They have a lot of creativity there! Price aint bad either

  6. zzanny : Yea, it's nice . Try it if you got chance . =)

    Ariff : Yea , it's worth to try haha =)

  7. thanks for linking, glad u enjoyed the meal there! :D

  8. The menu is really damn cute!

    The sausage and mashed potato cost 17? sound a bit expensive for me...

  9. Henry Lee : you are welcome ! =)

    aiwei : Yea , the menu is special. Yea ,the sausage and mash potato cost 17 , a little bit expensive but no frill, so guess it's worth a try . =)

  10. Awww... Dang. It's not in Ipoh>.<

  11. MabeL : Hehe , yea ,it's at K.L . U from Ipoh 1 ah ? =) Come K.L la then . =)

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