Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Shall i go change my luck ?

Yea , really very bad luck today . After just now that incident , then now my handphone spoilt pula, masuk air . Seriously , shall i go change my luck ? Aaaaargh . Sigh Had send my handphone to a shop , and they will need to send to sony ericsson centre to check what's the problem . Then they will tell me how much it cost to repair the handphone . So, i shall see how much and whether it worth to repair or not . If really repair , then my salary money got to be used again . Haih So , now i doesn't had phone to use , got to use my mum's old motorola phone temporarily . Hope it can be used . If not , i need to borrow phone from my friend or cousin . Anyway, who got extra or old phone to borrow me to use it temporarily ?

Till then , bye 


  1. My phone spoilt recently too my function key is not working so I can only sms but cannot call anyone so damn stupid.

  2. yea ,mine is terkena air dy , then the phone sot sot dy . swt lo .