Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Why Vampires Suck

Well, there are many reason that vampire is suck . The first reason is Vampire is so pale , they are so pale as if they had some sickness , which in fact they are their normal self . Vampire is pale because there's no blood in their bodies . Thus , they cant blush as there will be no blood running in their body . So, you will not know when they are shy ,and when they are not . And vampire can only see the way how people blush and miss it . That is so sad .

The second reason that vampire is suck is because vampire cannot eat garlic , they cannot enjoy eating garlic as garlic will harm them and often is an item that keeps them away from human . So, vampire can only see human eating garlic , and they cannot eat garlic no matter how delicious garlic are .

The third reason why vampire is suck is because they cannot eat food that they like ,as their food is blood . So , they will never be tempted by food no matter how delicious the food are . They will not drooling for delicious food . Unlike human , we can enjoy every delicious and tasty food around the world .

The fourth reason vampire is suck is because they cannot protect you when you are cold . Imagine this , if you are at overseas ,and it's snowing at there , or you are at Malaysia , and it is raining , and it's cold , you definitely need to find someone to provide you heat . You will never want to find vampire that is cold . They will not provide you heat , you will only feel colder when you touch them .You will definitely want to stay away and will not hug them . Vampire is cold blooded , they cannot protect you . So , finding a human will be better for you , at least they can provide heat for you .

The fifth reason why vampire sucks is vampire only got night life . As vampire is vulnerable to sunlight . They cannot appear during daytime , only if there is no sunlight during daytime .So , they will always stay at their house during daytime , and it will be bored if you stay at your house everyday daytime , there is no life . Vampire can only go out during night time. They can only appear when the day is dark . So vampire is suck as they cannot enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

The sixth reason why vampire suck is because they are immortal . Vampires will not grow old , they will always stay at the same age . So, being the same age always will lead to a boring life . When other people grow old , vampire still look the same . Vampire just live with same daily routine everyday , they repeat and do the same thing everyday . It's suck .

The next reason vampire is suck is because vampire are loner . They are different from others . They can't make friend with someone different from them , they want to be powerful and rather be alone. They will be lonely always without any friend . Everyone need friend , right ? Being a loner is suck.

The last reason vampire suck is because they are not scary and  not powerful at all . All the vampire usually are potrayed as they are handsome and beautiful . Vampire always seek for power , and they can't even scare people away with their handsome or beautiful look .  They just attract people with their handsome and beautiful look . Vampire suck as people will not scared of them , and make them not powerful at all .They are just some powerless vampire where they use some suck tactic which are attract their victim with their handsome or beautiful look . Well, vampire that will not use their look to attract and scare their victim will be a  sucess .Those are only the real vampires.

Okay , all this is my reason for why vampires is suck .

For those who wonder why i write this post . Well, this post is for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Vampires Suck contest . This is my first time join such contest . You all also can join the contest , just write a post of Why Vampires Suck in your blog and post it here .

Vampires Suck movie poster

And here's the movie  trailer

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