Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Snowflake Grand Opening at Kota Damansara

Firstly , i want to clarified that this is not an advertorial . I just share it with you all . Sharing is caring .

Yes ! Snowflake had open their third branch at Dataran Sunway , Kota Damansara . It open since 16 September , but the grand opening is at yesterday , 28 September , And there's buy 1 free 1 promotion !

The Buy 1 free 1 brochure .

I get to know it through facebook yesterday , here's their page, Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert .

I am happy to know that they open one new branch at here , because i stay at Kota Damansara . So , next time i can always eat Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert . Weeeee !

So, on the way back to home today , i drop by the snowflake at Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara to buy the bestseller Snowflake taro ball Taiwanese Dessert .

This is my fourth time been to the third Snowflake branch . I been to the Subang SS15 Snowflake for the first time with my friend , Teri and John which is on 16/09/09 . Here's the blog post , 16/9/09 :TARC=> Sunway Pyramid => SS15 => One Utama => Kota Damansara . 

Then second time went to SS15 Snowflake also with my friend , Chee Yee after go find our friend , Jia Wen  on 30/11/09 . Here's the blog post , Friday IOI Outing ( 30/11/09 ) .

Then my third time been to Snowflake is on 18/12/09 at their Pavillion branch . This post is from my friend's blog , A Day Out .

So , today is my fourth time to their third branch . I know i know , it had been so long i didn't eat Snowflake , almost a year  . But now no more worries , i can go eat Snowflake whenever i want ! 

Okay , i shall cut the crap . So when i reach there and order , i get this :

The beeping UFO 

Those who been ti Snowflake sure  will know what is this . It is a device / gadget to let u know when your dessert will be ready .

It beeps and vibrate dy , means i can go collect my dessert .

Here's my dessert :

Cold Snowflake Bestseller Taiwanese Dessert and Hot Snowflake Bestseller Taiwanese Dessert

This is for me .The orange and white thingy is the Taro ball , it's very yummy ! 

The Hot taro ball dessert for Mum . My mum like it hot .

Overall , the dessert is nice , but a little bit too sweet . Maybe they are still new . 

Okay , now let me show u the surrounding and the decoration in the shop .

*Photo taken from Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert Facebook Page .

The environment there is quite nice , a nice place to chill and hang out  . But then i think i still prefer SS15 branch 1 , the envinronment and surrounding is nicer . 

So , what you waiting for , BUY 1 FREE 1 ! Go grab it before the promotions end ! If you want the bestseller , today is the last day . Go grab and buy it before 11 pm today ! Yea , today ! Tomorrow and friday is the Tohua series buy 1 free 1 . Then Saturday and Sunday is the Pearl Milk Tea Buy 1 Free . The promotion end on 3rd October . Hurry ! Go get it now !

For those who dont know where is it situated , here's the map :

The address : 26-1, Jln PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810, PJ

It is near to Sunway Giza Mall , and the row opposite of  Restoran D.U at Dataran Sunway .

Me and my mum eat until the bowl of dessert is empty . Dont need to envy , all u need to do is just go to the Snowflake Kota Damansara , then order , and take the beeping thing , and collect it when it beep and vibrate , and lastly enjoy the dessert ! 

I'm totally satisfy , how about you ? Go try it now ! 

Till then , bye ! 


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Movie Screening

On this monday , 20 September , i went to the legend of the guardians : The Owls of Ga'Hoole Movie screening at GSC Pavillion . We dine at Food Republic before the movie .

Well, for me , the movie is boring . It is a movie that u can kind of predict the plot . I actually sleep at the cinema for a while during the movie . So yeah , it is boring for me . But the graphic of the animation is very awesome ! For the 3D part , it is okay only , nothing special . This is just my pinion . You all can still go and watch , judge it yourself .

Bloggers attended :  From left ( clockwise ) : Ryan , Shannon , Wilee , Tony , me , Edwin , Xiao Tong , Shii Teck , Jayleo , Alex , Liki , and her brother , Theng Jian .

Till then , bye .  

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pedal Away Polio Event

I went to support Shannon's event , Pedal Away Polio Event  on Saturday , 18 September 2010 at Sunway Pyramid Blue zone after my replacement class at 10am . Reach there at about 11am . The event start at 8am , i miss the cycling for charity , but i saw some performance . Anyway , here some photo of the pedal away polio event , credits to Feeq as he is the photographer for the event . 


Checking the bicycle 

Putting and pin the number

Parking for bicycle ,but park at your own risk.

Getting ready .

Drink Station 

The host of the day , Kelvin

Daughter and father team 

Mat Saleh team 

Getting ready, the race start soon .

 YB Hannah Yeoh and DG Lim Kok Beng , Rotaract District 3300 Officiating the event .

The horn sound , beep , and the race begin . 

Next at 10am , the performance start . 

Flash Mob KL Dance 


What happened ? lol 

Music  Performance 

Magic Performance 

Er Hu Performance


Yoyo  Performance


Dance  Performance

Beat-boxing Performance 

The event , Pedal Away Polio Event  is awesome , i enjoy it much.

The blogger who attend and supported Shannon are :

 Me ,  EdwinFeeqCalvinXiao Tong,Shannon , AdrianCleverMunkey , YoongJun and Tony ( Which not in the photo )

After the event , we bloggers went to Burger King to have our lunch . After lunch , Shannon back home , Edwin , CalvinXiao Tong , and Adrian continue jalan jalan at Sunway Pyramid . While , me , CleverMunkey  , and Tony went to SS15 for a while and then back home . 

Till then , bye 

The Cut @ Sultan Lounge

Curious ? Scroll down

Saw my name , No. 5 . =)

Yea , thanks to Liki for asking me to join the Fly Fm The cut @ Sultan Lounge contest , if not i wont win the contest . She join too. So i won ,and i invite Liki .Thanks to Fly Fm for the invites . 

So, on 17 september 2010 ( last Friday ) , after fetched Liki at 8pm. Off we go to eat dinner nearby her house . Then after dinner at about 8.45pm , we went to mandarin oriental hotel at K.L for the event , The Cut @ Sultan Lounge . Reach there at 9.15pm .

The Cut, an artist under the Australian label Vicious Recordings, has propelled himself straight into international waters and hitting it hard with 4 chart topping hits, 2 international music award nominations and a busy international touring schedule within the last 12 months. He makes his debut in Malaysia at Sultan Lounge on Friday, 17 September at 10:00pm. Owned by DJ's John Course and Andy Van, Vicious is Australia's leading dance music label with artists like Dirty South, Vandalism, Mr Timothy, Sgt Slick and Rogue Traders. ( Liki , 2010 )

Here i am , Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Sultan Lounge ! 

We get 1 free house pouring drink , 1 for liki , 1 for me .

All thanks to Fly Fm . 

The lounge is nice , it is a very nice place to chill and hang out . 

Spot FlyFm . The place where we reach and walking in to Sultan Lounge

The lighting staircase to the lounge 

Bamboo wall .

Wanted to sit at here ,but it is reserved .

The special and unique seat . But also reserved

So, end up , we sit at here , the bar . 

Me and Liki

I drink sprite as i dont drink liquor 1 ,and i drive

Liki drink whisky + coke 

Posing with my sprite . Lol

The free tit-bits for us 

All free !

Even the floor is purple after kena shine by the lighting . And the word Sultan can change colour and rotate .

Those who like purple will like this lounge , i think Shannon will like this lounge a lot . haha

Very purpe-ish , isn't it ? haha Nice lighting also

The cup used to do cocktail and mocktail 

Snooker table . Great mind think alike . Actually i wanted to ask Liki want to play or not ,sh actually want to play also , same as me , but we didn't ask each other and didn't play . I know it through her blog .LOL

Spot the special bamboo seat beside the snooker table . Nice ! 

Then , is camwhore session . Lol

Me and  Liki

Liki syok sendiri camwhore . Lol I got double face . OMG !

Want to see girls toilet ? Oops , not i took the photo , is took by Liki , here you go :

Spot the chandelier light in toilet !! High class man !

Liki actually camwhore at the toilet , no wonder she in the tolet so long . I somemore thought she kena kidnap . Lol  

The liquor there is not that expensive also.

Want some liquor ?

Envy me ? no need to envy ,just go sultan lounge . Haha

Before went back home , we camwhore again .LOL 

No need to introduce again , right ?

Bye bye Sultan Lounge 

W even camwhore at the lif to the ground floor . For your information , the Sultan Lounge is at basement 3 , B3 floor .

This is the time we reach back to the ground floor. 12.05.22 am 

No no, the post haven't end yet .

We continue camwhore and took photo at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

There's many other photo , but i lazy post . So at 12.45 am like that , we went to the car park and back home

We found our way back . 

Phew , what a long post .

Till then , bye .