Saturday, 11 September 2010

Are You Moist Enough ?

okay , am i moist enough ? i cant say i'm moist . Let kickstart with the definition of moist . Moist means slightly wet , damp, and presence of liquid . I do have a moist skin since i born . But few weeks before , i look at the mirror and suddenly discover that my skin is dry . Well,yeah , i'm a men , but men nowadays take care of their skin and look also . Everyone wish to have a healthy skin , me too ! I mind and care about my face and skin . I do wish that i look good and healthy in front of other people . I will be lack of confidence if i meet people , friend , and especially meeting new friend with an unhealthy and dry skin .

See , my skin is so dry and look so unhealthy .

 I drink many water everyday , the water amount i drink is more than what we need . It is enough to hydrate my body and make my skin moist . My mum even complained that whenever i'm at home , she need to boil few rounds of water ( a kettle ) . This show how much amount of  water  i drink .

I bring a bottle of water whenever i go out to class , to shopping , to movie , and to everwhere i go . I need many water , cause i tends to get thirsty easily . And i need water to keep my skin moist and not so dry . 

But yet my skin is still get dry easily . Why ?

So on one day on the following week , i happened to go out with one of my friend that came back from U.K for holiday.

While i was eating lunch with friend after tired walking and shopping , i keep struggling to think of ways to make my skin moist ,and thinking of what's the reason that make my skin so dry . I keep think and think . So , my friend saw the unusual me , and he ask me what happen . So , we have a conversation . Here's the conversation :

Friend : Hey , what happen to you ? you look like you have some issues there .

Me : haih , yea , my skin get dry easily nowadays . Dont know what happen . Sigh

Friend : Maybe you didn't drink too much water and didn't sweat .

Me : No , definitely not . I drink many water everyday , even more than the water we need a day . And i sweat everyday because after i park my car at my university , i need to walk quite a distance to the bus stop to take the uni bus to another block for class .

Friend : I think i know why , your university is air conditioned ,right ? 

Me : yeah .

Friend : Then the reason is simple , your skin get dry easily is because the air conditioner is skin killer , it will make your skin dry . And another reason is you exposed to sunlight everyday ,because you need to walk quite a distance from your car to the bus stop. The hot sunlight will absorb the water in your skin ,and cause your skin to be lack of water and make your skin dry .

Me : Wow , i see . So , what can i do to make my skin moist ?

Friend : Maybe we can go buy some lotion or skin care product . Let's go find now.

So , me and my friend walk around and went to few skincare shop . But we cant find what we want . All the lotion and skin care product seems to not be what i want . But just when we want to give up , we found the product that i need .

Yes , we found Vaseline !

According to the promoter at the shop , Vaseline is a lotion that give your entire body the care and nourishment it deserves . She say , as our skin is the largest organ , and it is the most important one , it shouldn't be neglected . Thus , vaseline had been introduced to encourage us to love and appreciate our skin . So, Vaseline offers four types of body lotion for different skin needs , which are Total Moisture , Healthy White , Intensive Rescue , and Aloe Cool and Fresh . 

So, according to the promoter , i need Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion for my skin needs . This is because Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion will provide 10x  more moisture for my skin . Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion will also provide minerals and vitamins for my skin . The promoter say , i will just need to apply the Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion everyday whenever i go out , and the body lotion will make my skin moist , hydrated , fresh and healthy whole day long . The promoter say it is worth to try .

I think and consider for a while , then i think no harm trying the Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion . Thus , i bought it .

And after that i use and apply it whenever i go out .

Now ,after few weeks using the Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion , i feel that my skin is moist than before . I feel that my skin is more fresh , moist , and healthy . My skin dont get dry easily . So with a moist and healthy skin , i feel more confident . 

I feel confident and comfortable to meet and hang out with my friend . As i had a healthy skin , i no longer need to care about how i look in front of  them . 

I also dare myself to go for a photoshoot . As i have a moist and healthy skin , why should i hide it . I'm definitely feel confident to show it to the world .

So, Vaseline had changed my life ! It had make me look great and had empower me with a healthy and moist skin.

Now , i proud to announced that i am definitely moist enough ! 

So , what are you waiting for , just go to the Guardian nearby your house and get yourself a Vaselin body lotion to be moist like me .



  1. hey! good luck with the post! =)

  2. Some competition thing? hahaha!! So funny leh your post! But, I get what you mean ;)

  3. engtaukia : Thanks thanks ! =)

    Mel : Yeap, it's a competition . =) Thanks for your compliment ! =)

  4. Ryan : Haha , no la, just promote saja . Haha