Thursday, 16 September 2010

Choose and Buy Present for Shannon

Last Saturday ( 11 September 2010 ) , i gather up all the awesome blogger to go choose and buy present for Shannon  . Ten of us sharing the present for Shannon . Only 4 of us can make it as others are busy .

So, on that day , i went to fetch Liki , then we off to midvalley to meet Tony and Chloe.

Me and Liki

 Liki and Tony

So , we walk around and enter many shop to find present for Shannon . After we found few nice thing to buy for her , we listed it . Then we  Liki off to have lunch at Little Taiwan , while me , Tony , and Chloe yumcha and tea break at there as we already had our lunch at our  home.

After the lunch or tea break , we have decided what to buy for Shannon. So we straight go buy the present for her .

We getting her a Nike Sportswear with a wrapping box and birthday card .

The Wrapping box

Nike Sportswear and Birthday card

That's all for the day . Hope Shannon like the present .

* All photo credits to  Liki camera . 

Till then , bye