Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fiona and Wendy Farewell @ Otak - otak Place

On 15 September 2010 ( Wednesday ) , We had organised a farewell dinner for the two blogger , Fiona and Wendy which will be leaving to U.K for further studies at 17 September 2010 .

the two sweet pretty lady , Fiona and Wendy 

Fiona and Wendy  are very friendly girl . This is my first time meet them . 

We organised the farewell dinner at Otak- otak place , 1 Utama . 

The people who attended are :

From left (Counterclockwise): Fariz , Fiona , Wendy  , Jiayeen , Tony , me , Baboon , Hooi Nee 

 the photographer ( Henry Lee ) 

And not to forget  ChloeJayleo and Liki ( Reach late because of jam )

The food we eat :

Forget the name of this dish , i think is chicken rice ( o,okay ,it's obviously is chicken rice . XD )

Chicken Rice set 

Otak - otak Nasi Lemak 

Otak - otak Char Kway Teow

Otak - otak fried rice


Syrup Bandung 


Cappucino , if i not mistaken 

Photo Session : 

Fiona , me , and  Wendy 

Hooi Nee , the pro photographer .XD

All girls with Fiona and  Wendy  
Back row : Hooi Nee , Liki ,and Fiona
Front row : Jiayeen , Wendy  , and Chloe

All boys with Fiona and  Wendy  
Back row : Henry Lee , Tony , and me
Front Row : Fariz , Fiona , Wendy  , and Baboon

Want to see our cute pose ? Here you go :

Spot Tony . He so cute ! Lol  He kena con dy . Haha

Tony , the certified Sex Instructor . Lol Oops , beware ! XD

Still remember the Rukun Negara ?

Our farewell card for Fiona 

Our Farewell card for Wendy 

Guardian Ambassador 1 XD

Guardian Ambassador 2 XD

Group Photo : 


Blogger with awesome style 

Last but not least ,

The two 'VIP' for the day holding the farewell card from us 

To Fiona and Wendy  , it's great to meet you both before you all fly to U.K ! All the best and good luck in your studies in U.K ! Study hard and play hard ! See you two next year ! You two will be miss by we all the blogger here at Malaysia ! =)

*All the photo is credited to Henry Lee's Camera .

Till then , bye

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