Friday, 3 September 2010

Premiere Screening of Cats and Dogs

Courtesy of Feeqsay Network and Adverlets , I get a pair of invites to watch cats and dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore at GSC Midvalley on wednesday ( 1/9/10 ) . Here's the post which got me the ticket . As usual , i met with all the bloggers and have dinner before the movie screening . This time we dine at Kimgary at the Garden . The blogger who attend are :

From left to right  : Edwin , Jayleo , Shii Teck , Wen Yi , Xiao Tong , Calvin

 From left to right  : Henry Lee , Me , Tony , Jackie , Shannon

Blackberry vs Iphone. Lol I feel like getting 1 blackberry also . =)

My dinner : Fu Yong egg fried rice 

After everyone finish dinner , we went to GSC to collect our ticket . Then after we all collect our tickets , we went to BR as it is till early . 

Wednesday is Pink Day . Just show anything that is pink , and you can buy 1 scoop free 1 scoop

Few of them bought BR and eat , while i sit down and chat with those bloggers that didn't eat BR . 

At about 9.30pm , we went to GSC to watch Cats and Dogs .

Okay , the movie is okay okay only . I think this movie is more suitable for kids . The movie is talking about cats and dogs and a bird work together to defeat a cat which is the Kitty Galore , to stop the kitty galore from turning all the dog to become mad dog and make the human it's slave . The cats , dogs and bird in the movie can speak , and they are more like special agent and spy . But one thing that is cool  is the technology used in the movie is kind of high-tech. Well, this is a comedy , so there's some part that is funny , but there's also some part that is touching. Overall, i still feel that this movie is more suitable for children, it's a kid movie . I think i will enjoy it if i'm a kid . Well , all of this is just my opinion . You all can still go watch the movie . 

Lastly , going to end this post with a photo of myself .

This photo is special , i like the effect . Spot 3 me .

*All photo is credited to Shannon's camera.

Oh , and my invited guest for this movie is Edwin . 

Till then , bye .


  1. hey jayren, it was nice to finally meet u in person that night. haha, i do apologize for not chatting more with u.

    and yea, that pic of u with 3 faces is really cool. i wanna go get a blackberry too! lol

  2. Haha , yea , nice to meet you too ! Nvm la, no need to say sorry , we can chat more next screening . There's always next screening we will meet . lol You going for resident evil ? Yea , that pic is special . I want blackberry also . When i got money , i will but . haha =)

  3. I didn't get to go... Huhu~
    Why do I live so far away T.T

  4. hehe . Dont emo la.Smile , your smile is sweet , dont waste it . There's a lot more screening . u stay at where ? maybe next time we can go fetch u . hehe =)