Friday, 10 September 2010

Premiere Screening of Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D

Courtesy of Nuffnang  , i won a pair of invites to the Premiere Screening of Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D. We get to watch the movie 1 day before the movie released . This time it is in 3D . Here is my winning post .

So as usual , we go for Dinner before the movie . Me , Henry Lee , Tony  , and Hitomi  dine at Subway . While Baboon  , Shannon , Jackie  , and Liki dine at Canton - I . Then Pennie and Shii Teck     dine at another place . So at about 8pm , we went up to the cinema to collect ticket as we want to get the freebies . But sadly , when it is my turn , there's no more freebies as it is limited . Met few awesome bloggers , Engtaukia  , Ryan , Nikelkhor , Wilee , and Joshua  ( the 1st prize winner for the blogging contest ) . Jayleo join us when collecting ticket . 

Oh ya , after we took our ticket , we only got to know that we cant bring phone , camera , PDA , Laptop etc into the cinema for security measures. We need to pass to the counter outside the cinema. They will keep it for us ,and we will collect it after the movie . So ,all of us are afraid that our valuable handphone and camera will lost if we give to the counter . But at last we also give all the handphone and camera to them .

Here's some group photo :

Back Row : Tony , Pennie ,assassin, Wen Yi , model , and Henry Lee
Front Row : Jayleo , Baboon , Me , Joshua , and Shii Teck 

Assasin , Tony ( Again ! =p) ,Liki , the model , Shannon , and another assassin 

Date of the day : Liki 

Oops, sorry to let you all wait for so long , you all want to know the review , right ? kan jiong-ness. Haha Okay , i shall back to the movie . 

This is the first premiere screening in 3D that i watched since i  active in Nuffnang . Well the 3D effect is not bad , it is average . Not to say too good , yet not too bad . The stunt and action in the movie is awesome ! I like Alice ( Milla Jovovich ) action and stunt in the movie , her action and stunt is awesome and 'yeng' . The movie will also make u stunned . Got 1 part which is slow motion and stop for a while which is the part where Albert Wesker helicopter  explode , and Alice and Albert Wesker pause and not moving ,and like floating in the air . The part really make everyone stunned . Okay , maybe not everyone , but i do . I thought the movie jam . lol 

There is another part which is lame and funny , which are the part when Alice met the survivor , Luther ,and Luther asked do you play basketball, and he point to the billboard opposite which show him ,Luther as the model of the ads with a watch . Lmao . Oh , and there's few part that got many zombie , like thousand of it ? . 

Overall the movie is nice , it's worth to watch . Nut tell you first , you will suprised to see the ending , because there's no ending ! lol I will not  tell you further detail about the movie , i dont want to be spoiler ( Although i had became a spoiler for the movie ) . So , just go watch yourself . If you like action and stunt , zombie , blood , horror , you will definitely like this movie . 

After the movie , we go the mamak at midvalley to yumcha . Had an awesome time with all of the awesome blogger . Then after yumcha session, all of us back home . 

Once again, thanks a lot for Nuffnang  for the invites ! =)

Till then , bye   

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