Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shannon Chow 20th Birthday

On 13 September 2010 ( Monday ) , i was invited to Shannon 20th birthday celebration at Chilis Midvalley Alexis , The Garden. So , i fetch Liki , then off we go to midvalley to meet up with the others . After parking , we straight go to Chilis to meet up with Tony and Henry Lee that already reach there . Shannon and few of her friend already at there , but still can't get a table yet ,as they need 10 people to be at there only can get a table . So while waiting for a table , we went out to get the birthday card signed , meet up with the other bloggers who also share the present which are Calvin , Edwin , and Xiao Tong .

Signing the card. 

Da dang ! The Birthday card for Shannon .

Suddenly , Shannon and her friend walk out from Chilis and saw us signing the card , she say change venue to Alexis at The Garden , because Chilis sucks and lanci .

So, we went to Alexis , The Garden . A very nice and high class place . 

Alexis even give us a private room . 



Okay , we sat at the 'store room ' , but it is a nice and quiet environment there . Great place to chill and hang out with friend . 

Looking at what to order

The menu :

We order 3 pizza , 8 people sharing the 3 pizza , means 1 people get to eat 2.2 piece of pizza . LMAO . 

So, while waiting for the food , we have a photo session . 

The birthday girl , Shannon and me 

Tony , Liki , and Me 

Edwin , Liki , Tony , and me 

Cayenne , Miss KBU finalist 

Gossip Session . XD

After finish eating and pay , we went out and ask Shannon to open all the present . 

Here's the video of the birthday girl opening her present :

Lastly , Group photo :

After the party , Liki,Tony,Henry Lee,Chloe,Xiao Tong,Calvin,Edwin and I went to mamak for supper . We chat and gossip ! XD . They are awesome ! 

All photo are credited to Henry Lee , Liki , and Xiao Tong camera

Till then , bye ! =)

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