Sunday, 31 October 2010

Asia Cafe is open now at Kota Damansara

Hello people , November will come after 40 minute ! Are you all ready for it ? This will be my last post of October 2010 . This is also my 100th post of 2010 .

Before i start this post , i would like to say this post is not an advertorial post . I didn't paid by any company or PR agency or Asia Cafe to write this post . I blog about Asia Cafe because i want to share with all of you all about this new hawker center at my area . I blog with my own interest . Sharing is caring . XD

So, i went to dinner at Asia Cafe Subang Jaya yesterday night . Meet Edwin at there . Nice eating at there with him .

Then , today i eating dinner alone AGAIN , because my mum had wedding dinner to attend .

So , as i heard from my mum and another blogger , Jolyn that Asia Cafe is open at Kota Damansara . I decided to go try out . Yeah , you didn't heard it wrong , Is the same Asia cafe as Subang Jaya SS15 . Best of all , it is open 24 hours ! Bet it will be a best hang out and yumcha place for youngster .

Okay , let me tell you where is the Asia Cafe located . It is located along Persiaran Mahagoni , Kota Damansara . It is opposite of The Strand and Dataran Sunway and Sunway Giza Mall. Let make it simple, you all know the OnKing at The strand , Kota Damansara ? The Asia Cafe is just opposite the Onking shop . The Asia Cafe is beside the main road .

Asia cafe is located at Sunsuria Avenue . A landmark to there that you wont miss is Tune Hotel with a colourful building .

This is the Tune Hotel , the colourful building . Asia Cafe is just beside this buiding .

Can't see , see clearly in this photo :

Yea , Kota Damansara also have Air Asia Tune Hotel . Tony Fernandes is just so cool and awesome ! 

Okay , shall back to the food , there are only few stall open . Many stall haven't open yet . Guess it is still new . But suprisingly , there's many people go eat there . But normal la, people tend to go try new place when it open and they heard of it . 

So far , the stall that open at Asia Cafe Kota Damansara are Nasi Lemak stall , the famous Ho Chak Chicken Chop rice , prawn mee , and a few more . Can't really remember much about the stall at there . Didn't capture much photo about the stall . I dont know what food is nice there , i would ask you all to go there try every food and judge it yourself . 

But 1 thing i feel interesting about the stall is they actually got 1 row of street stall which use some bicycle stall . Like this :

This is the bicycle stall i say , 1 whole row of it . I find it interesting , some kampung feel . Cool huh ?

Okay , so i walk and walk and look around what to eat . At first , i want to eat the famous Ho Chak Chicken Chop Rice , but it finish already . As i crave for rice , i look around for other rice food . I dont care about all the noodle stall . Yea , i admit , i'm a rice eater , 'fan tong ' in chinese. Lol 

So at last , i order Korean  food from this Korean stall :

Kim's Korean Stall , the tauke of the stall and his wife are really Korean , i heard them speak Korean . There so many varities of food to choose from , at last i order Chicken Gaseu , Korean Chicken Chop . The tauke , the Korean guy in the photo introduce this food to me . I wonder is this Korean stall same as the Asia Cafe Subang Jaya 1 ? But i think is not the same 1 .

After order , found a place and sit down . Got one thing i want to complain , i hate the drink waiter service at Asia Cafe , both Subang and Kota Damansara . It always took so long for them to come take the drink order ! I order Teh ice for yesterday and today ! lol 

I waited thye food for so long , i even went to remind the tauke . My food arrived after 30 minutes . Lol And i was super hungry that time . Anyway , here's my food :

Chicken Gaseu , Korean Chicken Chop . It look tasty and delicious , right ?

But to tell you the truth , it is sucks , a little bit tasteless . The chicken is so so only , a little bit dry , it is fried chicken . The sauce is so so only , not tasty , not salty , not spicy at all . It's a little bit sour . The sauce they give is too little . I think KFC chicken is nicer than this 1 . Lol . The rice is like normal rice , and the coslaw is so so only . My RM8 gone for this food . It cant satisfy me , i still hungry after eating it , the portion is too small for me . But i didn't say this stall food is not nice , maybe other food like Kimchi , bibimbap , or bulgagi  rice , or barbeque pork chop and barbeque  is nice . The price is from RM7 the cheapest till RM12 the most expensive if i not mistaken . You all can try it out and judge it yourself . 

Let's say about the Asia cafe building and interior. The building is quite modern and it is as big as the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe . They use the same concept for the roof /atap as the Subang jaya 1 .The sama atap leaf for their roof ,same with the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe . The arrangement of table also same , they got A , B , and C area . 

As in the interior , they actually got a mini playground in the middle of the food court . Is a good idea afterall, the children can play at there . Oh yea , they also have few big screem projector  like at the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe . And the drink waiter uniform is same as the subang jaya asia cafe waiter .

In term of facilities , they actually got pool for people to play at the second floor of the building . It called Asia Club . But it haven't open yet .

Asia Club for pool spotted yo

Oh yea , you all sure ask how's the parking , for now the parking at ASia Cafe Kota Damansara is free, but you will need to paid soon , they got the ticket machine like shopping mall . You need to collect ticket first before you park inside , and paid when you out . It's a private parking , not under  MBPJ . I not sure about the parking rate m didn't noticed . But no worry , the parking is still free for now . The parking is quite limited ,as in not many parking lot . and i saw a selfish car owner , parked at 2 parking lot , so selfish and so inconsiderate ! 

If you all ask me , Asia Cafe Subang Jaya or Asia Cafe Kota Damansara is nicer ? I would say  i feel that Asia Cafe Subang Jaya is nicer for now , as Asia Cafe Subang Jaya stall is fully open . And Asia Cafe Kota Damansara is still new and not fully open yet  . But this is my first visit only , so i cant really judge it . My advice is , wait for another few week, when more stall open , you all only go try . But you all also can go try it now if you all want , there's like at least 10 stall already open .

This Asia Cafe will be another favourite hangout spot or yumcha spot for teenagers and youngster soon i guess ! 

So , what you all waiting for ? go and try it out and judge it yourself ! 

Note : this is just my comment and opinion . Maybe you have different comment or opinion , just go try it out ya . 

Wow, this is a really long wordy post with just a few photo . Sorry if the photo are blur , because i dont have DSLR and i din't bring my digital camera out . All photo here were took by my handphone , K770i , 3.2 mp , so yeah . 

Okay , it's November 1 now , but i start this post at 11.16pm on 31 October 2010 . So , this is still counted as the last post of Oct 2010 , right ? thanks to the scheduled feature of blogger . Lol 

Wish everyone have a great November 2010 ! I'm hungry again , i shall go eat the kuih my mum tapao back from wedding dinner .Lol And study for my test on next Tuesday . 

I may write the first November post later if i not tired . 

Bye bye October , Hi November ! 

This is my 100th post of the year , not showing off here , just announce ! 

Till then , bye !

I'm sucessfully escaped from TARCollege !

On this friday , 29/10/10 , i went to TARCollege to collect my academic transcript and my testimonial .

Remark in my Academic Transcript

 My Testimonial 

I'm not showing off here . I just sharing it with my reader . 

Now that i collected every document i needed . I just need to wait for my graduation next year . I finally sucessfully escaped from TARCollege . 

However i kind of miss the food and shop there , especially Taman Bunga Raya ( TBR ) with cheap and nice food , and cheap printing  . I always go there eat and print my design stuff for the past  2 years ++ . Mixed feeling i have here . I eat at there on theat day before go collect the academic transcript and my testimonial . I eat at the 'ai yi bing' stall . No , they not sell " Ai Yi Bing " only , the stall also sell economic noodle and rice , which is cheap and nice , i like the ' Hoi Dai Yeh ' that the stall sell also , it's nice to drink it when the weather is so hot . Other food that is nice and cheap is the Chicken Chop rice , Chicken rice , and Nasi Lemak . Guess i shall post about TBR and Setapak soon . 

I will definitely miss Setapak . Will only go back there next year for my graduation i guess . 

Bye bye Setapak !

My new journey had begin for 2 semester , which is HELP degree life at Petaling Jaya ! Enjoy it much ! 

Till then , bye 

Premiere Screening of Takers

On this monday , 25 October 2010 , i went to the Premiere Screening of Takers at Midvalley . Thanks a lot to Carmen for the ticket and thanks a lot  to Tony for the invites .

So , i reached Midvalley at 6pm ++ after finish my class . Waited the rest to reach midvalley . Then we eat at Little Taiwan before the screening .

Thinking what to eat ?

Me and Liki , camwhore while waiting for food . * oops , i didn't smile again .Lol *

i order tang chai noodle  . Lol It is okay okay only . No photo taken . 

Tony and Henry Lee join in the dinner later on .

At 9pm , we went to the cinema to watch Takers . 


The ticket 


TAKERS revolves around a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists. But a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) is close on their heels, hell-bent on solving the case. When the gang attempts to pull off one last job with more money at stake than they ever imagined, it becomes a complex game of double cross and who’s “taking” who.

Comment : This movie is not a good action movie . It's not a movie worth to watch . The movie is kind of draggy and boring . I yawn when watching the movie . Not much action but with many conversation . But some part of the taker in the movie is smart . Their tactic is smart . And the lame part is the takers fight and didn't achieve anything at the end . And all the cops died . I wonder why there is character of cops in the movie . Totally pointless . No doubt that there is some leng Chai singer in the movie like Chris Brown , Paul Walker, and Hayden Christensen , maybe for girls , but not for me , no offence ya . If you watch mission impossible , die hard 4.0 , and fast and furious movie , this movie is just a common and normal action movie compared to those movie . All this is just my comment . Go watch it yourself and judge the movie yourself . 

Group photo after movie before back home . From Left : Henry Lee , Tony , me , Liki and Siew Lee .

Henry Lee  win a Sony walkman from the lucky draw . How lucky he is . 

* All photo credited to Liki .

Till then , bye 

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 - The Global Art of Mixing

On last saturday , 23 October 2010 , i went to one of the biggest event of the year - Hennessy Artistry at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center ( MIECC ) . I invited by Jiayeen to this party . Thanks a lot for the invites Jiayeen !


So , i fetched Henry Lee and his friend , Fariz at 8.20pm at Henry Lee's house . Then , i  go to Ikano to fetched Jiayeen . After that , off we go to MIECC for Hennessy Artistry .

Reached MIECC at 9.30pm due to 'sesat' at highway . Luckily , we manage to find our way there .

Hennessy V.S.O.P

Me and Jiayeen 

Liki's brother , Theng Jee , Liki , Jiayeen and me .


We register at this counter before we went in to the hall .

The crowd there is amazing !

Our zone , zone O , media / blogger zone 


The lighting when the party finally started 

The emcee for the night , Sarah Lian and Henry Golding


First Performance by Deja Voodoo Spells 

Next performance is none other than Mizz Nina .

Oh ya , there are free flow of in house drink , Hennessy Berry , Hennessy Citrus , Hennessy Ginger , and Hennessy Apple .


We busy camwhore while enjoying the music .

Me and XiaoTong

Jfook and me 

Jiayeen and me 

Shannon Chow and me 

Joshua Law and me 

Next on , the performance from the group all the way from Taiwan , Da Zhui Ba 




All of them , DJ Chung Hua spinning disk at the back . 

Then , we busy camwhore again .

Jamie and me 

Me and Nanalana

Me and Edwinck

Me and KaryanC

Calvin Cho and me

Suddenly , Henry Golding appear at our zone O . Manage to take few photo of him.

Continue the camwhore session 

Xiangcool  and me 

Me and Baboon

Me and Shinn leng

Liki and me

Henry Lee and me 

Fariz and me

Junjunriko and me 

Me and Donovan

Me and Alicia

Me and Leonard Chua

Xinxian and me 

Me and Ashley Ahn

Me and Simonso

Kate Lee and me 

Jojostruys and me

Edwinck , Hooi Nee , Calvin Cho , and me 


From 5 people in the photo at first , then become 15 people in the photo

Went back home early around 12am . Missed Kardinal Offishall and DJ Alex Dreamz performance .

Took some photo before back home .

Jiayeen , Liki , and me 

Jacqueline , Arlyne , and me 


Mini group photo

See you again next year , Hennessy Artistry .

I had an awesome and fun night.

*All photo credited to Jiayeen , Liki  , Shannon , Edwinck ,  Alex , Henry Lee and Mynjayz  .

Till then ,bye