Sunday, 17 October 2010

7aste Monte Carlo

On last friday , 8 October 2010 , i got a VIP passes to 7aste Monte Carlo held at Ecoba , PJ Trade Center . Been invited by Shannon to be her VIP guest. The event start at 8 pm . So , reach Liki house at about 6.30pm , then off to fetch Jiayeen . Then , off we went to Ecoba . 

Reach 7aste about 7.45pm 

The luxury car parked in front of Ecoba entrance make the 7aste monte carlo more luxurious.

Go to the registration counter ,and the hot chick register for us .


They provide some games to play also !

we went into Ecoba , then we call Shannon . Then , she ask us to go to the table 7 . That is our table.

Our table , table 7 at 7aste Monte Carlo .


Some yummy finger food they provide for us .

3 free bottle of champagne for each or the VIP table .

The stage .

we drink and camwhore while waiting for the event to start . All of them drink the champagne and wine . While i drink coke , cause i don't drink liquor . 

Free flow of wine 

All of us , the blogger .

Cheers ! 

Me and Tony

The crowd 

Finally , at about 9pm , the event started .

The emcee of the night 

The D.J


Violin Performance


Dance Performance 


Many glass were broken that night .

Most of the people in our table drunk that night . For me , i didn't drunk , because i didn't drink . lol


Went back home at about 11pm . Quite early i know . I dont like 7aste , cause the place is too crowded , i can't even work and can't breathe .

I don't feel that 7aste is fun , is quite boring for me . Just my opinion . I guess i wont go for second time .Lol 

*All photo credited to Feeq , Shannon , Jiayeen , Xiangcool , and  Liki .

Till then , bye . 


  1. woots tony looks drunk lol face so red :p

  2. lolx....HAHAHAHAHAHA I no comment cuz I can't post bad stuff about it LOL~

  3. Hilda : haha , yea , his face is red , but he not drunk la. Haha =)

    Shannon : Thanks for the invite whey . Appreciate it much . =) haha , i see i see . =D