Wednesday, 6 October 2010

AOD Drama - No Regret TVB Artiste Meet & Greet Session

On last Saturday ,02 / 10 /10 , in the morning , i sms Jiayeen to wish her happy graduation day ! Then she reply me saying that let's go sunway pyramid after her graduation . Then i suggest we go lunch there . So the plan is meet at Pyramid at 1 pm . Then i also tag along Tony , Edwin , Xiao Tong ,and Adrian for lunch . As i got replacement class , i went to my uni at about 8am, as my replacement class is at at 8.30pm . I reach uni , found the class , but the door is locked , and there's no people inside the classroom . So , end up i online at my uni till 12.15pm , then off i go to Pyramid . Reach there , park , then i go to Sunway Pyramid Convention center to find Jiayeen as she having her CAT graduation at there .

Jiayeen with her awesome graduation gown 

 Jiayeen and me

Congratz to Jiayeen ! She's now a CAT graduate holder . 

Met Xiangcool also , Jiayeen's classmate and blogger .

Xiangcool with his Harry Potter gown 

Me and Xiangcool

Congratz to Xiangcool too ! A CAT graduate holder .

* All photo credit to Xiangcool and Jiayeen .

I met Mann Baby Ruii also , another CAT graduate holder . Congratz to her ! But no photo taken . lol

At first , Jiayeen want to join us for lunch , but her eyes pain , and she got free graduation lunch . So , she didn't join us at last . Luckily she didn't join us . *inside story* .

So , i wait for Tony , Edwin , Xiao Tong ,and Adrian to reach Pyramid , then we went to Popeye's Louisana Kitchen to have our lunch . We eat lunch , chit chat and gossip .Always have fun with them . 

Then , at around 4pm , we go to Sunway Pyramid Main Entrance as there were AOD Drama - No Regret TVB Artiste Meet & Greet Session . Fala Chen and Wayne Lai came . Photo speak more than words , i shall let you all see some photo from the event . 

The Host - 988 D.J Royce 

Interviewing the artiste

From left : Wayne Lai , XXX , Fala Chen 

Fala Chen

Wayne Lai

Game session

Fala Chen look  nicer in real life than in TV

Fala Chen with a bad girl *Spot the girl T-Shirt *

Lucky Draw

Spot Jayleo and Liki . The 2 people who smile widely .

*All photo credit to Adrian and Jayleo
-The End -

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