Sunday, 31 October 2010

Asia Cafe is open now at Kota Damansara

Hello people , November will come after 40 minute ! Are you all ready for it ? This will be my last post of October 2010 . This is also my 100th post of 2010 .

Before i start this post , i would like to say this post is not an advertorial post . I didn't paid by any company or PR agency or Asia Cafe to write this post . I blog about Asia Cafe because i want to share with all of you all about this new hawker center at my area . I blog with my own interest . Sharing is caring . XD

So, i went to dinner at Asia Cafe Subang Jaya yesterday night . Meet Edwin at there . Nice eating at there with him .

Then , today i eating dinner alone AGAIN , because my mum had wedding dinner to attend .

So , as i heard from my mum and another blogger , Jolyn that Asia Cafe is open at Kota Damansara . I decided to go try out . Yeah , you didn't heard it wrong , Is the same Asia cafe as Subang Jaya SS15 . Best of all , it is open 24 hours ! Bet it will be a best hang out and yumcha place for youngster .

Okay , let me tell you where is the Asia Cafe located . It is located along Persiaran Mahagoni , Kota Damansara . It is opposite of The Strand and Dataran Sunway and Sunway Giza Mall. Let make it simple, you all know the OnKing at The strand , Kota Damansara ? The Asia Cafe is just opposite the Onking shop . The Asia Cafe is beside the main road .

Asia cafe is located at Sunsuria Avenue . A landmark to there that you wont miss is Tune Hotel with a colourful building .

This is the Tune Hotel , the colourful building . Asia Cafe is just beside this buiding .

Can't see , see clearly in this photo :

Yea , Kota Damansara also have Air Asia Tune Hotel . Tony Fernandes is just so cool and awesome ! 

Okay , shall back to the food , there are only few stall open . Many stall haven't open yet . Guess it is still new . But suprisingly , there's many people go eat there . But normal la, people tend to go try new place when it open and they heard of it . 

So far , the stall that open at Asia Cafe Kota Damansara are Nasi Lemak stall , the famous Ho Chak Chicken Chop rice , prawn mee , and a few more . Can't really remember much about the stall at there . Didn't capture much photo about the stall . I dont know what food is nice there , i would ask you all to go there try every food and judge it yourself . 

But 1 thing i feel interesting about the stall is they actually got 1 row of street stall which use some bicycle stall . Like this :

This is the bicycle stall i say , 1 whole row of it . I find it interesting , some kampung feel . Cool huh ?

Okay , so i walk and walk and look around what to eat . At first , i want to eat the famous Ho Chak Chicken Chop Rice , but it finish already . As i crave for rice , i look around for other rice food . I dont care about all the noodle stall . Yea , i admit , i'm a rice eater , 'fan tong ' in chinese. Lol 

So at last , i order Korean  food from this Korean stall :

Kim's Korean Stall , the tauke of the stall and his wife are really Korean , i heard them speak Korean . There so many varities of food to choose from , at last i order Chicken Gaseu , Korean Chicken Chop . The tauke , the Korean guy in the photo introduce this food to me . I wonder is this Korean stall same as the Asia Cafe Subang Jaya 1 ? But i think is not the same 1 .

After order , found a place and sit down . Got one thing i want to complain , i hate the drink waiter service at Asia Cafe , both Subang and Kota Damansara . It always took so long for them to come take the drink order ! I order Teh ice for yesterday and today ! lol 

I waited thye food for so long , i even went to remind the tauke . My food arrived after 30 minutes . Lol And i was super hungry that time . Anyway , here's my food :

Chicken Gaseu , Korean Chicken Chop . It look tasty and delicious , right ?

But to tell you the truth , it is sucks , a little bit tasteless . The chicken is so so only , a little bit dry , it is fried chicken . The sauce is so so only , not tasty , not salty , not spicy at all . It's a little bit sour . The sauce they give is too little . I think KFC chicken is nicer than this 1 . Lol . The rice is like normal rice , and the coslaw is so so only . My RM8 gone for this food . It cant satisfy me , i still hungry after eating it , the portion is too small for me . But i didn't say this stall food is not nice , maybe other food like Kimchi , bibimbap , or bulgagi  rice , or barbeque pork chop and barbeque  is nice . The price is from RM7 the cheapest till RM12 the most expensive if i not mistaken . You all can try it out and judge it yourself . 

Let's say about the Asia cafe building and interior. The building is quite modern and it is as big as the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe . They use the same concept for the roof /atap as the Subang jaya 1 .The sama atap leaf for their roof ,same with the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe . The arrangement of table also same , they got A , B , and C area . 

As in the interior , they actually got a mini playground in the middle of the food court . Is a good idea afterall, the children can play at there . Oh yea , they also have few big screem projector  like at the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe . And the drink waiter uniform is same as the subang jaya asia cafe waiter .

In term of facilities , they actually got pool for people to play at the second floor of the building . It called Asia Club . But it haven't open yet .

Asia Club for pool spotted yo

Oh yea , you all sure ask how's the parking , for now the parking at ASia Cafe Kota Damansara is free, but you will need to paid soon , they got the ticket machine like shopping mall . You need to collect ticket first before you park inside , and paid when you out . It's a private parking , not under  MBPJ . I not sure about the parking rate m didn't noticed . But no worry , the parking is still free for now . The parking is quite limited ,as in not many parking lot . and i saw a selfish car owner , parked at 2 parking lot , so selfish and so inconsiderate ! 

If you all ask me , Asia Cafe Subang Jaya or Asia Cafe Kota Damansara is nicer ? I would say  i feel that Asia Cafe Subang Jaya is nicer for now , as Asia Cafe Subang Jaya stall is fully open . And Asia Cafe Kota Damansara is still new and not fully open yet  . But this is my first visit only , so i cant really judge it . My advice is , wait for another few week, when more stall open , you all only go try . But you all also can go try it now if you all want , there's like at least 10 stall already open .

This Asia Cafe will be another favourite hangout spot or yumcha spot for teenagers and youngster soon i guess ! 

So , what you all waiting for ? go and try it out and judge it yourself ! 

Note : this is just my comment and opinion . Maybe you have different comment or opinion , just go try it out ya . 

Wow, this is a really long wordy post with just a few photo . Sorry if the photo are blur , because i dont have DSLR and i din't bring my digital camera out . All photo here were took by my handphone , K770i , 3.2 mp , so yeah . 

Okay , it's November 1 now , but i start this post at 11.16pm on 31 October 2010 . So , this is still counted as the last post of Oct 2010 , right ? thanks to the scheduled feature of blogger . Lol 

Wish everyone have a great November 2010 ! I'm hungry again , i shall go eat the kuih my mum tapao back from wedding dinner .Lol And study for my test on next Tuesday . 

I may write the first November post later if i not tired . 

Bye bye October , Hi November ! 

This is my 100th post of the year , not showing off here , just announce ! 

Till then , bye !


  1. wanted to try it someday but some trees along the roadside just covered the whole Asia Cafe... bad fengsui~

  2. Haha .LOl , i see i see . Go try la . Just beside the Tune Hotel, the colourful building . Got trees only got fresh and cool wind ma . Haha . =D Dont care about the fengshui la . =D

  3. Wah I didn't know they got new branch O.O shall go try out one day :D

  4. wow kota damansara is getting more maju xD everything also got!

  5. I don't really find what is so special about Asia Cafe >.< WHy lah people like to lepak there

  6. Hilda : yea , kota damansara become very maju , that's why super jam here . Lol, not everything got lo, hard to find a photo shop at Kota Damansara , banyak makan shop only .

    Hitomi : dunno what special there . Lol Cause it's big and 24hours ma, so people sure go there lepak 1 . Lol