Monday, 11 October 2010

Full House @ Sunway Giza Food Review

Okay , continue from the previous post , after snap enough photo for the ICCA . At 3pm, me , Liki , and Richard went to Full House at Sunway Giza for the food review invited by Baboon . 

Reach there , and saw other blogger already reach there . The blogger who attend are : me , Liki , Richard , Baboon , Hooi Nee , Henry Lee , Shannon , Rachel Shiling , Lisa , Feeq , Simonso ,Ewinee , Botakai , and few more blogger . 

We all are invited to Full House @ Sunway Giza for their new menu . Yes , Fullhouse got some new dish , drink and dessert to introduce to everyone . Was glad that i had been invited for the food review .

So, we get to order drink first before the food is served . So here are the  five new drink in Fullhouse .

Vanilla + Kiwi Fruit + Yogurt Magic Ball Special Ice Blended RM8.90

Vanilla + Dragon Fruit + Strawberry Vanilla Special Ice Blended RM9.90

Tiramisu + Magic Ball RM9.90

Peach + Yogurt Magic Ball Special Ice Blended RM8.90

Rose + Strawberry Magic Ball Special Ice Blended ( The pink colour one ) RM8.90

Comment : Overall, the drink is nice , especially with the tasty magic ball

Next , the food is served . So , let's continue with the food .

Let's start with the new main course 

Wok-Sear Chicken Chop 葡萄干黑椒鸡排酱 (RM 16.90)
Grilled chicken thigh served  with mashed potato, daily vegetable and black pepper raisin jus. 
This is one of their bestselling dish .
Comment : The chicken is grilled . The chicken is not too soft yet not too hard . It taste delicious especially with the black pepper raisin jus . The mashed potato is awesome ! 

Vongole Spaghetti (RM 16.90)
Sauteed spaghetti with clam meat in olive oil, touch of chilli flakes. 
Comment : The spaghetti is delicious with the olive oil and sauce . The spaghetti is not very spicy . The clam meat is fresh and yummy.

 Oyster Shooter 果汁生蚝 (RM 10.90)
Fresh oyster with tomato celery, lemon grass lycee and citrus. Served in 3 shots.
Tomato Celery [red] , Lemon Grass Lychee [white] , Citrus [yellow]
Comment : I'm not an oyster fan . Well, it's actually is oyster with jus . The oyster is very fresh , if u can and like to taste some fresh oyster . This will be an awesome dish .

  Salmon Salad 熏三文鱼芒果沙拉 (RM 16.90)
Smoked salmon slice with fresh mango and boutique salad. 
Comment : This will be a delicious dish for all the salad lover . The Salmon is yummy , and the mango is fresh and tasty .

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab 香酥软壳蟹 (RM 10.90)
Served with garden salad and wasabi mayonnaise.
Comment : The crab meat is fresh and delicious .

Pineapple Chicken Salad 菠萝香酥鸡沙拉 (RM 9.90)
Note : This is not a new dish
Comment : The pineapple and chicken is delicious with the mayonnaise sauce .

Teriyaki Chicken Burger 铁烧鸡扒汉堡 (RM 17.90)
Sesame bun with teriyaki chicken and lettuce.
Comment : The teriyaki chicken is yummy . And the french fries is nice too.

Braised Lamb Shank 香草纯羊小排(RM 28.90)
 Braised Lamb shank with ratatouille and thyme emulsion.
Comment : The lamb is delicious when u eat it with the sauce .

 Oyster  Mornay 芝士烤生蚝 (RM 6.90 each/  RM 15.90/3 pieces)
Baked oyster with spinach and cheese sauce. 
Comment : I not an oyster and cheese lover . But for those cheese and oyster lover , this will be a delicious dish .

Al-Funghi Spaghetti 菌菇香料意粉 (RM 14.90)
Sauteed spaghetti with oyster mushroom, chicken broth and asian flavor. 
Comment : the mushroom is tasty with the sauce.

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel 枸杞当归鸡卷 (RM 22.90)
Stuffed with mushroom, sauteed daikon and chinese herb jus.
Comment : This dish is healthy with herbs . The chicken is yummy.

Sear Seabass 日式石甲鱼 (RM 26.90)
Pan Sear seabass on a bed of spinach with miso cream sauce and tempura oyster mushroom.
Comment : The fish is fresh and delicious . 

Next , let me introduced you the new soup.

Left : Clam Chowder 法式奶油蛤蜊汤 (RM8.90)
A new fresh classic served with clam meat and a touch of cream. 
Right : Forest  Mushroom Soup 烤杏仁森林蘑菇汤(RM 8.90)
Fresh shitake mushroom soup with toasted almonds.
Note : This is not a new soup.
Comment : Both of the soup is oishi . You will definitely crave for more . 

 Next , i will introduce to you Fullhouse new dessert.

Tiramisu (RM 14.90)
Flavorful moist cake with mascarpone cheese and expresso flavor sponge. 
Comment : The tiramisu is moist and soft .It's tempting. You will crave for more after one bite .

 Black Forest Chocolate Cup (RM 13.90)
Temptation dark chocolate mousse filled in chocolate cup. 
Comment : Chocolate is always tempting . You will crave for more . The chololate + black forest is a great combination . Very yummy . 

Blueberry Cheese Cake (RM 10.90)
A Creamy Cheese cake with blueberry feelings .
Comment : This is not a normal cheese cake . This cheese cake is moist and u can taste the bluberry inside the cake . It's definitely yummy !

Creme Brulee (RM 10.90)
A classic flavor topped with  a layer of golden brown caramel. 
Comment : The caramel taste is awesome. A great dessert .

Profiteros (RM 9.90)
Homemade custard cream fills in choux puff with vanilla chocolate sauce. 
Comment : It's a cream puff with ice cream in it ,and cholate sauce with almond on top of it , it's definitely an awesome dessert.

Now , let me  present the man that prepare all this awesome dish .

Mr. Jeffrey (left ) , thanks for prepare all this awesome food .

Of course , thanks to Mr, Calvin Soo , the Director of Fullhouse Sunway Giza Mall for spending some time with us.

Behind the scene .
Blogger ' paparazi ' snap snap photo .

Group photo 

We all have fun in Fullhouse lifestyle store and cafe . You want to experience it ?  Don't wait , come and experience it now !

Don't know the direction to Fullhouse Sunway Giza , here's the map. 

Till then , bye . 


    1. i miss the soft shell crab and teriyaki burger! :)

    2. the oyster shooter looks kinda gross :s but the soft shell crab and lamb shank seem like they are worth a try.

      nice detailed review btw!

    3. Henry Lee: Hehe, i see i see . I miss every food ! Want to eat all the food again ! lol =)

      Hilda : Yea , the oyster is very fresh , too fresh . Yeap, the soft shell crab and lamb shank is worth a try . Go try ! =) Thanks for your compliment ! =)

    4. Richard : Haha , next time la . =)

    5. I've always loved Fullhouse concept cafe. Even went there to celebate my birthday last year =)