Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 - The Global Art of Mixing

On last saturday , 23 October 2010 , i went to one of the biggest event of the year - Hennessy Artistry at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center ( MIECC ) . I invited by Jiayeen to this party . Thanks a lot for the invites Jiayeen !


So , i fetched Henry Lee and his friend , Fariz at 8.20pm at Henry Lee's house . Then , i  go to Ikano to fetched Jiayeen . After that , off we go to MIECC for Hennessy Artistry .

Reached MIECC at 9.30pm due to 'sesat' at highway . Luckily , we manage to find our way there .

Hennessy V.S.O.P

Me and Jiayeen 

Liki's brother , Theng Jee , Liki , Jiayeen and me .


We register at this counter before we went in to the hall .

The crowd there is amazing !

Our zone , zone O , media / blogger zone 


The lighting when the party finally started 

The emcee for the night , Sarah Lian and Henry Golding


First Performance by Deja Voodoo Spells 

Next performance is none other than Mizz Nina .

Oh ya , there are free flow of in house drink , Hennessy Berry , Hennessy Citrus , Hennessy Ginger , and Hennessy Apple .


We busy camwhore while enjoying the music .

Me and XiaoTong

Jfook and me 

Jiayeen and me 

Shannon Chow and me 

Joshua Law and me 

Next on , the performance from the group all the way from Taiwan , Da Zhui Ba 




All of them , DJ Chung Hua spinning disk at the back . 

Then , we busy camwhore again .

Jamie and me 

Me and Nanalana

Me and Edwinck

Me and KaryanC

Calvin Cho and me

Suddenly , Henry Golding appear at our zone O . Manage to take few photo of him.

Continue the camwhore session 

Xiangcool  and me 

Me and Baboon

Me and Shinn leng

Liki and me

Henry Lee and me 

Fariz and me

Junjunriko and me 

Me and Donovan

Me and Alicia

Me and Leonard Chua

Xinxian and me 

Me and Ashley Ahn

Me and Simonso

Kate Lee and me 

Jojostruys and me

Edwinck , Hooi Nee , Calvin Cho , and me 


From 5 people in the photo at first , then become 15 people in the photo

Went back home early around 12am . Missed Kardinal Offishall and DJ Alex Dreamz performance .

Took some photo before back home .

Jiayeen , Liki , and me 

Jacqueline , Arlyne , and me 


Mini group photo

See you again next year , Hennessy Artistry .

I had an awesome and fun night.

*All photo credited to Jiayeen , Liki  , Shannon , Edwinck ,  Alex , Henry Lee and Mynjayz  .

Till then ,bye 


  1. ohh, tat guy is donovan, lol.

    now i c, i m bad at recognizing ppl

  2. you really took so many photos with so many people huh?? LOL. Mine is second. happy happy. XD

  3. WOW you took so many photo with lengluis :D

  4. Nanalana : Yes , that guy is Donovan .lol Haha , luckily you can recognized me . =D

    jfook : Yeap, tool a lot of photo with many people , big event ma, sure grab chances to camwhore 9 9 . =D

    Hilda Milda : Yeap , a lot of lengluis . =p

  5. haha, having fun?

    It looks as big as a stadium, and seriously I think freeflow is the BEST!

    Next time fetch me too?

  6. Haha~ but sorry, I made ur car smells like char kuay teow =O

  7. wah!!!My pix also adala!! huhuhu ^.o

  8. Hitomi : Yea , very big ! =D Yeap , free flow the best , but i didn't drink , performance also good ma . Sure , next year if i got go , i can fetch you . haha =D

    Jiayeen : It's okay la, not smelly . Lol =D

    Dedek : Sure got your pic ! =D

  9. wah I realised u really take picture with lots of people lor! hahaha

  10. Liki : Yeap ! Haha . You also la . lol =D