Saturday, 16 October 2010

I'm Officially Graduated !

Oh yes , i'm officially graduated from TARC Diploma ! I'm a diploma holder now .haha

Spot my name ? My name is on the 4th row on the graduate list . I graduate with merit .

Well, i'm not showing off here . Okay ,i done my diploma. But am now studying at HELP for my degree , now i'm in my second semester there  . Another 2 years to go . I want to fast fast graduate . 

Graduation ceremony will be on next year July . And can only get certs by then . But i can get my full academic transcript soon. Will only decide whether going for the graduation ceremony on next year . 

P.S : I had downloaded Plant vs Zombies . It is such an addicted game . The game is nice .

Till then , bye .


  1. congrats! :D go graduation then we can go chou re nao also :p

  2. Hilda : Thanks thanks ! Haha , i think i will go to the graduation . Lol But it's on next year , will see how . Haha Sure will ask u all to come chou re nao if i going to the graduation . =)