Sunday, 31 October 2010

I'm sucessfully escaped from TARCollege !

On this friday , 29/10/10 , i went to TARCollege to collect my academic transcript and my testimonial .

Remark in my Academic Transcript

 My Testimonial 

I'm not showing off here . I just sharing it with my reader . 

Now that i collected every document i needed . I just need to wait for my graduation next year . I finally sucessfully escaped from TARCollege . 

However i kind of miss the food and shop there , especially Taman Bunga Raya ( TBR ) with cheap and nice food , and cheap printing  . I always go there eat and print my design stuff for the past  2 years ++ . Mixed feeling i have here . I eat at there on theat day before go collect the academic transcript and my testimonial . I eat at the 'ai yi bing' stall . No , they not sell " Ai Yi Bing " only , the stall also sell economic noodle and rice , which is cheap and nice , i like the ' Hoi Dai Yeh ' that the stall sell also , it's nice to drink it when the weather is so hot . Other food that is nice and cheap is the Chicken Chop rice , Chicken rice , and Nasi Lemak . Guess i shall post about TBR and Setapak soon . 

I will definitely miss Setapak . Will only go back there next year for my graduation i guess . 

Bye bye Setapak !

My new journey had begin for 2 semester , which is HELP degree life at Petaling Jaya ! Enjoy it much ! 

Till then , bye