Monday, 18 October 2010

Me , my blog , my url

Okay , this post is going to be very random . I will let you all know more about me , my blog , and my url.

What is my blog name ?
Answer : Leave it or Live it

Why I name my blog Leave it or Live it ?
Answer : Well , for me , i think life ain't easy . You always need to make choices as life is full of challenge . And usually there's only two choices . It is either you leave your life or live with your life now . So , that's how my blog name had been created.

What is my blog URL ?
Answer :

Why ?
Answer : Well , i created the name Jayren since 2004 . I think that the name , Jayren is unique , until now , i never know another person or friend which have the name Jayren yet . Zompire is zombie + vampire . So , that's how jayrenthezompire had been created .

How long had this blog been created ?
Answer : This blog had been created since 2 years ago . The exact date that this blog is created  is 22 May 2008.

Why i create this blog ?
Answer : The main reason i create this blog is to improve my grammar . I want to write more to improve my english grammar . Other than that , i want to express my feeling and thoughts . I also want to share interesting stuff with everyone . Sharing is caring .

What i usually write in blog ?
Answer : Personal , events , foods , and some movie review .

How frequent do i update my blog ?
Answer : At least 3 blog post a week .

Do i join any blogging community ?
Answer : Yes , i join Nuffnang . I'm a Nuffnanger .

When i started join Nuffnang ?
Answer : 12 January 2009 . But i am only active in Nuffnang since September 2010.

Do i make any friend through blogging ?
Answer : yea , i meet a lot of blogger and we become friend . All the blogger i meet until today is very friendly . Nuffnang , Twitter , msn , and Facebook had united us , the blogger . I am glad to know all of them . They all are awesome !

At which social network you can find me ?
Answer : Twitter , follow me , @jayrenhy . I tweet a lot . Oh no , i think i reply tweet a lot . But i'm not a stalker . I got facebook , but i am not active at facebook nowadays .

Who is the blogger ?
Answer : Obviously the blogger is me . You all  can call me Jayren . Most of my close friend called me Hann Yaw . My blogger friend called me Jayren . For those who don't know me , you all can call me Jayren .

More about me ?
Answer : I will be 22 years old on 17 December . I'm currently pursuing second semester degree in Marketing Communication at HELP University College , Kuala Lumpur. I'm a TARC Diploma holder , i graduated on just this month , October 2010 . I'm a Malaysian Chinese . I'm buddhist . I'm a Male ( obviously ! ) .

What's my mission in life ?
Answer : Study hard , faster finish my degree , appreciate my life ,live my life to the max , appreciate and cherish everyone that around me , and  be a  positive thinker .

Okay , this post is a lame and a very random post . But at least now you know more about  me and my blog  .

Lastly , i want to say thanks to all the people who read my blog . Thanks a lot for reading my blog . I really appreciate it .

Till then , bye 


  1. haha~
    i noe u more ad~
    so u noe chinese too?

  2. hahas !
    A very meaningful blog xD
    God bless ya =x

  3. nice one :)now i think ur readers (me included) know u a little better^^ jia you!

  4. 橙子 @ Kar Ping : Glad that you know me better after reading this post. Thanks for reading my blog , really appreciate it . Yea , i know chinese .=D

    Evangeline Ang : Thanks for the compliment ! Really appreciate it . =)

    Tansra : Haha , okay la , not lame but random. =p

    WenYi : Thanks for the compliment ! Glad that you now know me a little better . =D You too ! Jia You ! =)