Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nuffnang Glitterati + Open Meeting

On last Saturday ( 2/10/10 ) , i went to Taylor  University Lakeside Campus .

Why i went there ?

Yeah , i went there to attend the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus  Open Meeting which held at Lecture Theatre 12 .

Reach there that day at 9.30pm . Then go meet up with Tony and Baboon . Then off we go to LT12 to register ourself at the booth provided outside the lecture theatre .

Then , we went in to the lecture theatre to book place for all the other bloggers , we book a whole row . 

All bloggers waiting for the meeting to start .

At 11.00 pm . The event finally started . 

The opening and welcome speech by Xin Xian , Nuffnang blogger relation staff

Next on , it is the speech by none other than the co - founder of Nuffnang , Timothy Tiah . He basically introduce history of Nuffnang to us , and give a brief on what we will do that day .

Then , he passed the microphone to The Glitterati Plus President , Shah , also known as Teh Tarik Drinker

He basically tell and  us what is Glitterati Plus , what is the benefit of becoming a Glitterati plus member , and what is the criteria required to become a Glitterati Plus member .

The benefit of becoming a Glitterati Plus Member : Special Press Screening , More blogger contests and prizes , you can organize and attend exclusive events by Nuffnang clients , and chances to become the become the organizing committee of future Nuffnang events . 

taylors_uni 026

The criteria to become a Glitterati Plus member , actively blogging , at least more than 5 post per month . Next is participate in more than 30% of the Nuffnang events and only participate in Nuffnang events. And the last criteria is participate in more than 50% of the Nuffnang contest . But u just need to fullfill 2 out of 3 criteria to enable you to become Glitterati Plus member .

After the brief from Nuffnang Glitterati Plus President , there are Q & A session .

Timothy Tiah and Shah liten to the audience question , and answer them 1 by 1 .

After the Q & A session finish , there are some light refreshment for us .

There are some muffin , cream puff , and curry puff for us to eat .

So, we went out to eat the food prepared by them . 

In the mean time, we also obtain a registrtion form to become Glitterati Plus member at the refreshment booth . We filled it out and submitted it . For those who didn't go the meeting . Dont worry , the online registration will be open soon . You all can apply and register online .

While eating , we camwhore . With bloggers , there's always camwhore session .

Me eating muffin . Funny i know .

Me , Liki , Tony , and Edwin

Shannon  and me 

 Me , Tony , Edwin , Liki , and  Hooi Nee

The Blogger .

More Blogger .

Overall , Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Meeting is quite fun . Oh yea , i met Kar Yan C for the first time at the meeting . Know her from twitter . She's a blogger also , a friendly blogger . But she chaoz early , so i didn't managed to camwhore with her .

Next on , we the blogger went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng inside Taylor lake side Campus as well to yumcha . Yea , you didn't listen wrongly . Taylor Lakeside campus got dessert bar , crispy popiah , baskin Robbin , Wong Kok Char Chan Teng , Face to face Pan mee and many more ,all inside Taylor Lake side campus . Cool huh ?

On our way to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng . The weather is so hot !

We Yumcha R Wong Kok Char Chan Teng  , and we camwhore again .


Me , Edwin ,  and Liki .

Me and Hooi Nee

Me and Calvin

Carmen  and me 

Me and Xiao Tong

Me and Richard

Me and Tony

Me and Edwin

Me and Shannon

Me and Baboon . Oh , today  20102010 is his birthday ! Happy Birthday to him once again

Me and Liki

Oh yea , today is a blogger , Joshua's Birthday . So , we celebrate his birthday at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

Here's me and the birthday boy , Joshua

The birthday boy with his big cup of yin yong

After finish yumcha , we went back to LT12 to lepak .

We have a group photo at the stairs .

We going off to LT12

We camwhore again when we are at LT12.

Ethan , Alex , and me 

Me and Dixxon

Jackie Loi and me 

Next , we off to Sunway Pyramid for lunch . I went to fetch Mann Babyy Ruii , then off we go to Sunway Pyramid .

Camwhore while waiting for traffic light .

Reached Sunway Pyramid and we dine at Pizza Hut .

Me and Mann Babyy Ruii . And today , 20102010 is her birthday ! Happy Birthday to her once again !

This is Me 

Had a fun day ! 

* All photo credited to Shannon , Alex , Richard , Liki and Simon .

Till then , bye 

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  1. Dropping by for your G+ Blog post. Thanks again for attend the open meeting ya! =)