Thursday, 21 October 2010

Premiere Screening of Altitude

Courtesy of Nuffnang , i win a pair of invites to the Premiere Screening of Altitude , held at today , 20/10/2010 , 9pm at TGV 1 Utama . My date of the day is Pennie . So , i reach 1 Utama at 7pm , parked my car , then  i go meet Tony at Speedy . Then , we decided to dine at Old Town White Coffee as it is near to TGV . Pennie , Edwin , Calvin , and Jolyn join us for dinner later on . We chit chat , and we go collect our ticket at 8pm . There's like still very few people that time , i doesn't even need to que . We just took the ticket and went back to Oldtown White Coffee while waiting for the movie to start . We continue chit chat until about 9pm . Then off we went to the cinema . Best thing of all, is we got 1 cup of soft drinks and 1 popcorn for each of us . We collected it before we went into the cinema .

After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force.

Directed by Kaare Andrews, starring Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill and Ryan Donowho, You Don’t Want to Look Down when you’re flying.
Ever since the stone age, men have always dream of flying in the sky like birds. Of course, today, this dream is made possible with airplanes but then again… will the dream we’re living in turn into a nightmare? Altitude will give you a perception you’ll never forget.
Comment : The movie scene is basically happen inside a plane from the movie start until the movie end . 
Spoiler start here :  It's basically about a group of friend , 5 person , wanted to go to a concert . And one of the girl in the group of friend just get her airplane license for like 2 weeks ,and she drive that airplane .  Wth . Lol . And the girl boyfriend hare air fright . He scared of sitting in a plane . And he can imagine things , and bring the plane to his imagination world . And all the scene are exactly like what he design in a comic . Totally doesn't make sense . We like err , wth . Totally unrelated . And there's a octopus appear from nowhere in the sky and killed few people in the plane . Lmao . Totally speechless after watch this movie . 
But luckily there's a guy that are funny and mad . He keep drinking beer and scold people . And imagine this , 1 kiss can wake a guy from fear and his imagination world . And the sky can suddenly become bright . And a girl can fly in the air , and seconds later , she drop back into the plane . Like wth . Err , totally ridiculous and doesn't make sense . And worst still a person can meet his / her past and repeat his / her life again . 
This movie definitely will make you curious ,and you will not sleep throughout the movie . It's quite draggy  , and it need you to have  a high imagination to understand the movie . Some part is lame too . And it's not scary at all . I find it funny . I should tell you all not to have a high hope on the ending of the movie . It was like  wth , the ending is kind of speechless . I think the director have quite a high imagination . I totally no comment for this movie . It's not a movie worth to pay to watch . If you want me to give a rating , i will probably give it a 0.5/5 . But it's just my opinion , you all can go watch it and judge how's the movie .
Till then , bye .

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  1. I was there at the screenin as well. Totally true! Not worth to watch at all. Go ahead and read my review for the movie. Cheerios~