Tuesday, 12 October 2010

RM1 Whopper

Yea , on 6 October ( Wednesday ) , you can buy 1 whopper burger at RM1 only when u buy any soft drink  at any  Burger King outlet . The promotion is for 6 October , 1 day only . Everyone is limited to buy 3 whopper burger only . So, of course i don't want to miss this awesome promotion.

At about 12pm ++ , meet Liki at Taylor Lakeside Campus to eat breakfast . We dine at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng inside Taylor Lakeside Campus . She's tutoring her SPM student there . She's Miss Liki .lol  So, she can't join the Whooper burger . 

*Ignore my small eyes* Lol

Then , after breakfast  i off to Sunway Pyramid to meet Edwin , Jiayeen , Richard , and Shannon for lunch , we dine at Burger King , que up for 30 minutes for the RM 1 Whopper . 

3 burger , Edwin and Jiayeen not eating 

Yum yum ! 

All of us took 10 minute to took the photograph of the burger ! lol . Then when we eat halfway , one aunty and one uncle move over to our table and say we 5 people eat 3 burger . Our next table 4 people eat 12 burger . lol They are those very fat guy .

But seriously i noticed that most of the people who come for the RM1 Whopper is fat 1. No offence ya . 

The 3 BB user , Edwin , Richard , and Shannon busy tweeting and BBM after eating , while me and Jiayeen chilling at there 

Then , we only got to know that they are BBM about the fat guy beside our table . Edwin somemore curi-curi took the photo and tweetpic the fat guy photo .lol

After eating at Burger King , we go meet up with Liki for a while ,as she accompany her friend for lunch at Sunway Pyramid . 

Me , Jiayeen , Edwin , Liki , and Richard

All photo credited to Jiayeen

After that , we went to Snowflake SS15 Subang Jaya for some dessert .

At 5pm ,all of us back home . 

Till then , bye 


  1. HAHAHA fat people :P

    btw, who's green bb is that? so chio!

  2. Hilda : You super fast lo ! lol The green BB is Richard 1 .lol =)