Monday, 25 October 2010

The Blog that i read #2

Okay , i know you guys are curious about the blog that u read #2 . So , i will share with you all another 3 blogger's friend blog that i read .

The first blog that i going to introduce is . The blog owner is none other than Caryne Law . She is known as Caryne , or known as Fish also  . She is the first person who i know from a blog . I know her for about 1 year already . Although we haven't meet each other as in person yet , but we are already good friend . From her blog , i get to know many other blogger in the bloggersphere . So, thanks a lot to her !

♥The Disclaimer.

This is Caryne

Let me tell you something about the owner of the blog , the blogger , Caryne . She is a friendly blogger . She is a movie queen , she can watch a lot of movies in a week . She is also a Shopping queen , she like to shop . She is an accounting and finance student . She is a talkative and bubbly girl . She is a K-pop fan , she loves Korean group a lot , such as 4minute , kara , afterschool , beast , and Big Bang . She also got her own 'husband' . She have a cute family . And she's a Penang girl . 

Her blog is more to personal and life , and friends. Her few most recent post about her personal life are Disaster ! :( , Church Street , One In A Million , For The Girls , and Club Can't Handle Me . :)  Her few recent interesting post about she with her friend are Girls Night Out #1 , Baby What If ,Friends come and go ,Webcammieeeee! :D , My Girls :) . Her blog is always interesting ,as there's always photo in every of her blog post. Her blog is picture tell more than words . And there's some sense of humour she use in her blog. I like her writing style , her writing style is awesome ! Her latest post is Girls Night Out #1. Want to know more about her blog , click here , .

The next blog i'm going to i going to introduce is . The blog owner is none other than Toninkush . He is known as Tony . He is a friendly blogger . The first time i met him was at the Premier Screening of Vampires Suck . Due to some reason ,he doesn't like to expose and show his faces and his photo in the blogger world . But dont misunderstand that he is arrogant , he definitely not . He is a very friendly blogger .So , no photo will be show here .

It's easy to describe this blogger , Tony , he is a self-proclaimed entertainment critic .

He basically blog about movie review . There's about 50 movie that he already  watch and review . His most recent movie review are The Other Guys , The Switch , Dinner For Schmucks , Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps , and The Legend of Fist : The Return of Chen Zhen . His movie review is interesting and detailed . I like the way how he review the movie . So , to know whether the movie is worth to watch or not , you can go to his blog to read the review , just click .

The third blog i'm going to introduce is . The blog owner is none other than Shannon Chow , or known as Shannon . The first time  I know and met her was at the Premier Screening of Vampires Suck . She is a friendly blogger .

Shannon Chow

This is Shannon 

Let me tell you something about the blog owner , the blogger , Shannon Chow . She is the vice president of Taylor University student council . She is a International Business student . She is also a Rotaract club member . She is an active blogger , publice relations and marketing , and event coordinator  . She is active in youth and leadership engagement .She love to seek challenges . To know more about her , click her About Me  here . 

Her blog is more to event and personal and life . Her few most recent interesting post aout event  are Hennessy Artistry Press Conference , Internship and Job Recruitment Drive 2010 , ChurpChurp Flying Kite in Lakeside campus , Nuffnang G Plus Meeting , and TEDxYouth @KL . Her few most recent interesting post about life are Hate Weird Facebook Guys ( Eminem Parody ) , a compilation of 10.10.10 , Twitter @ShannonChowz recovered , Twitter Got Hacked , China Pavilion , and Nike Dunk Low in Plum . Her blog is very interesting , there's many photo in her every blog post . The event post she blog is detailed and interesting . Her blog is informative too . You can know many latest event from her blog . The way she write her blog is great too . To know more about her blog , click here , .

She got another not so privae blog as well , which are Lito Shannon , . Why it's called not so private blog and why the name of the blog is Lito Shannon . Find it out yourself . Click here , . 

Stay tune for the Blog that i read #3 !

Till then , bye .


  1. Haha m Tony dont put his photo at his blog 1 , evn got , he also cover his face 1 . haha . So better dont put here . Haha =D

  2. haha you can put my blogger profile pic 'The Yin Yang Moon' XD

    thanks for featuring me =)

  3. Tony : hahaha , lol . You are welcome ! =D