Monday, 29 November 2010

Hanger Autumn Winter 2010 Launch Party

On 25 November , Thursday , while i was eating in Mcdonald and online , i  randomly saw this retweet by Nanalana .

So , i decided to join . And so , i head to Juice Twitter page .  And i saw this tweet .

And here's my tweet .

And then i get a DM saying that i won 2 tickets to the Hanger Launch party ! Yay! 

I invited Henry Lee . And as Nanalana not going , so i asked for her invites , and i invite Tony ,and Tony invite his friend .

So on that day , we reach HEX at 8.30pm .

After we registered at 9pm , we went in to HEX for the party .

We were served with free flow of Cranberry mocktail , Absolute mocktail , coke , and Sprite .

This is the Hanger Magazine Third issues : Autumn and winter 2010 annual launch Party by Juice . Hanger Magazine is produced twice a year , a bi - annual magazine . And so , we get a 1st hand free Hanger Third Issues Magazine .

Let me show you the stage area .

The DJ .

The famous blogger ,Joyce Kinkybluefairy and her friend DJ-ing

Their concept , Hanger 

Oh yeah , we are provided with free cupcakes too.

And free Lolipop also .

Us . 

Tony , and his friend , Yin Wei

Tony , and his friend , Yin Wei , and me .

Me and Henry Lee

The atmosphere and crowd . 

The party is so so only , a little bit boring , we thought that there will be fashion show , but apparently no . All the people who attended are mostly model , celebrities , or fashion designer , or person from fashion industry , and of course the magazine staff . We doesn't even know any single people there .The theme of the party is "Hot in the City " , and you need to dress to impress , with the clothing theme that are London , Paris , New York , and Tokyo . The best dressed male and female will win Premium Class (Flat Bed) tix to Tokyo on Air Asia X. So, many people dress very well to the party to impress . I even saw many guy dress very gayish and sissy , as in they dress in something like gown and dress , and with make up . I even saw a guy wear heels . wth ! Maybe they are model or fashion designer , and they are used to it . We went off early at 10pm something as we are kind of bored chilling at there . Well, i would say the club is nice , it is a nice place to chill . And is a cool experience to attend my first time of fashion magazine launch exclusive party . You been served like VIP. 

Last photo taken before we went off and back home 

P.S : This is also the club where 7aste New York will be held . 7aste New York will be held at HEX at 17 December 2010 , which is also my birthday . But too bad , i can't attend it as i will be back at my mum  hometown that time . 

Till then , bye 

Peter Pan The Musical at Sunway Lagoon

Thanks to Bok and Wilee for the free passes ! I get to watch Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere on 26 November ,8pm at Sunway Lagoon Amplitheatre .

Photo credits to Tony

On that day afternoon , i accompany mum to Universiti Malaya fpr her leg checkup , so that she doesn't need to find parking and save RM3 for the parking . Then , due to my mum appointment delayed, she finish check up at about 6pm . I reach home at 6.45pm due to the traffic jam . Get changed , and called Tony to help me get the ticket from Bok first as i know i sure can't make it for the ticket collection at 7.15pm , as usual , sure jam one . I use NKVE , super jam , i  drive in the fast lane , and i drive in the emergency lane when i almost reach the Subang exit . Then , i reach Sunway Pyramid at about 7.15pm . Them jam at the Sunway Pyramid car park , and finally found a parking at 7.40pm. Then , i went to meet Tony at Robot Sushi . Then , off we went to Sunway Lagoon . Luckily , i went solo , i didn't managed to invite anyone . You will know why later. I didn't even have time to eat my dinner .

Comment : The Peter Pan , The Musical is suppose to start at 8pm according to the ticket . But the musical only start at 9pm . We waited for 1 hour . Then , the speech by the sunway lagoon CEO , Aaron Su is so Unprofessional . He keep say Malaysia Boleh ! Like very  proud of this musical is a collaboration of Malaysian production and west end production . Then , the arrangement of stage is sucks ! There's no curtain to close when one scene end , and they like straight change the setting of the stage in front of us when we can see it . And we cant hear what the cast say and sing , there were only two speaker at the front of the stage . They should put more speaker . And we cant really see the cast , as we sit at very back . They should had put a few  projector screen . 

About the musical show , i find it a little bit ridiculous . They add in the Sunway Lagoon script ,as in help to advertise Sunway Lagoon  . For example , when Peter Pan tell the Lost boys , " Let's go to Sunway Lagoon for a swim " . Wth . Then . they also incorporated Christmas scene at the end , and sing Christmas song at the end. They thought it is creative , but they had ruined the musical . Tony friend , Yin Wei also discovered the mistakes of the dancers and also the malfunction of the fireworks in front of the stage. There were also direct interaction between the cast and the audience , which should't have in a musical . And the worst part is the musical is only 1 hour . They cut it until too short . But undeniably the four main cast , Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Mr. Smee and Captain Hook act quite good .

Peter Pan The musical is supposingly for all ages of people , but they make it like for kids only . I still doubt even kids enjoyed it .

I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch this musical . It's totally not a musical . RM 40 - RM 160 for the ticket for this musical ? ! It's totally not worth it at all ! It will only waste your money ! Even i get to watch it free , i still feel kind of waste my parking money and time to come all the way to Sunway Lagoon to watch this sucky musical . 

When we were leaving, we were given a coupon that offers 50% discount for the purchase of the tickets for this show. And the back of coupon says, "Valid on 27 Nov 2010" , it only valid for 5.30pm and 8pm show on 27 November which is on the next day , wth ! 

Photo credits to Tony

This sucky musical is being held at Amphiteather, Sunway Lagoon, every day except Tuesdays at 8pm onwards from 26th of November 2010 until 2nd of January 2011.

After that , i went to Burger King and eat my late dinner and then back home . This is certainly a lousy ever musical ! It;s totally a waste of time to watch this musical . Malaysia memang boleh ! ( Sarcasticly ) . Don't know how west end production will agree with this kind of musical being played ! 

Till then , bye


I went to watch Megamind with Richard on 25 November 2010 , 2.30pm at  GSC 1 Utama .Note : this is not a premiere screening , we paid to watch this movie . It had been few months i watch movie for free . Okay , back to the topic , we had lunch in the new Mcdonald at 1 Utama New Wing 1st at 1pm something . Then , at 1.30pm , off we went to watch the movie .


The supervillain Megamind finally conquers his nemesis, the hero Metro Man... but finds his life pointless without a hero to fight.

Comment : Not much comment for the movie . It is either the movie is boring or i am too tired . I think i fall asleep almost throughout the whole movie . I think Richard didn't notice i sleeping. Lol . The movie is about 2 superhero fighting . My opinion for the movie is it is just another boring fighting movie .

Till then , bye 

Premiere Screening of Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale

Thanks to Joshua Law for the invites , and thanks to Groupsmore for the movie , i get to watch Rapunzel : The Tangled Tale on 24 November , 9.30pm at Cathay Cineplex , e@Curve . 

So , i reached e@Curve at 7.30pm , then off i went and meet  Tony and Liki , and i teman them eat their dinner at Sakae Sushi , The Curve , as i already eat my dinner at home .

After that , i go collect ticket at 8pm at Cathay Cineplex , e@Curve .

Met Jessy at the ticket collection counter . She won a Nina Ricci Perfume . 

Our Ticket. XD

After that , we go meet Joshua Law at Little Taiwan, then off we went to Cathay Cineplex for the movie .

Walt Disney Pictures presents RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE, an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents’ castle as a baby, Rapunzel (voice of MANDY MOORE) is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit , Flynn Rider / Eugene (voice of ZACHARY LEVI). With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair… lots of hair.

With original music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater, this comedic re-imagining of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale comes to theaters in Disney Digital 3D™.
Comment : Despite of all the technical problem we faced , the movie is still awesome ! It is a must watch movie  of the year ! 


If you like animal and cute stuff . You certainly will like this movie . The horse , Maximus is very cute !


And the singing by Rapunzel , Flynn Rider / Eugene , and other cast is awesome and nice ! I enjoy this movie from the beginning until the end . The movie is funny , entertaining , and hillarious ! I laugh throughout the movie . 

I supposed to watch it in 3D , but due to some technical problem , i view it in 2D / Normal screen . I don't know about how good the 3D effect is . You all can ask those who watch it in 3D .

So people , don't miss this movie ! Faster head to the cinema and watch it ! It's a must watch movie ! 

Thanks to Joshua Law for the invites ! XD

Till then , Bye .

Friday, 26 November 2010

I Want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI !

Wow,it had been long time that i didn't eat at Dome already . I always like their food . The food at Dome is delicious . And i also love the environment there . Dome is always a nice place to chill . I still remember last time i tried their classic American Breakfast which is yummy , photo at below . This time round , i want to tried their lunch dish , and since my exam is around the corner , i can actually enjoy my meal while chilling and study at Dome.

This is the American breakfast i eat last time . Yummy right ?
I want to try more food from Dome !
I Want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI !

P.S : This is a post for HITOMI contest to win Dome Vouchers from her . You can join it at here too ! 

Till then , bye 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Super bad experience and Super bad Service provided by Cathay Cineplex

Hello people , i just Back from Premiere Screening of Rapunzel by Groupsmore and yumcha session . I'm invited by Joshua Law . Thanks ! The movie is nice and awesomw ! A must watch movie i will say ! Will blog about the movie review in my next post .

Now , i want to share about a special experience which i just experienced . So me and Joshua Law were watching the Premiere Screening of  Rapunzel at Cathay Cineplex at E@Curve . We were watching the movie at Hall 10 , which are different hall from Nuffnang and Churp Churp . Okay , we were watching very happily , everything fine .

Then , when the movie almost near to ending , the movie turn upside down and later on the movie is rewind from the end , every action in the movie is moving backward.Totally spoiler ! So , we the people in Hall 10 are like wth ! So, everyone were complainig about it . And the best part is they show us the upside down  and rewind movie for like 10 minutes ++ . Until an extent that some of the groups more people got to go out complain to the cathay worker .

Then the groupsmore people went in front of the hall to apologise to us . They are damn pissed off too ! They say they are pissed off when Cathay say the movie is in 3D , but they let us watch the 2D , the normal one instead ! and now this technical problem happen ! But it's not Groupsmore fault ! It is Cathay fault , they need to bear the responsibilities ! and tell you what , They off the visual but didn't off the music and sound when the groupsmore people apologize , until they shout to ask the cathay off the sound and music , the Cathay only off it ! The Groupsmore people also tell and complain to their client , Buena Vista . Wth ! The Cathay people should come out to apologise once that problem happen ! You know what they do instead , they just show the message at the screen , they write , sorry for the technical problem , we will fixed it as soon as possible . Please be patient , just like that ! It is so not sincere !

Then until like about 15-20 minutes later , the Cathay people only come in and apologise to us ! and you know where that cathay worker stand and apoplogise to us , she stand at the side staircase to apoplogise to us ! She should stand in front of the hall to apologise ! So not sincere at all ! You know what that Cathay worker say , she say sorry for the technical problem , say their projector spoilt , and we dont know this thing will happen , as it is a premiere movie 2 days before the releasein cinema , something like this ! Wth ! What an Excuse ! How can you say such word ! Dont they should always check their projector frequently ?! They didn't really explain , this is not a good  explanation ! And i dont even can hear what that Cathay worker say , she talk too soft , cant really hear what she say ! And then Groupsmore actually allows us to ask that cathay worker question , but she didn't even bother about it , she just walk away after apologize and give the explanation ! I personally find it quite rude ! The Cathay worker say they will give us a free ticket for the next premiere screening at Next year January to compensate us . We shall wait and see whether they really do so !  Then after like 10 minutes , they resume the movie to normal , we view it normally until the end of movie .

 I would like to say it is not Groupsmore fault , it is Cathay fault! , they really should bear the responsibilities . And i think thew way they apologise to us is so not sincere ! The Rapunzel movie is nice and awesome still ! But this terrible technical problem had totally be a spoiler for the movie , it somehow ruined our mood , and spoil this awesome movie ! This is my second time been to Cathay at E@Curve , and this thing happen . I always thought that Cathay is 1 of the good cinema , but now i am doubtful about it ! Cathay should really learn their lesson and improve their service ! Cathay sucks ! Cathay should really feel luck that the projector that spoilt is not at Hall 1! , the nuffnang and churp churp Rapunzel screening , if not , they are seriously in big trouble !

Another thing that really pissed me off is after movie , i know from T and L that Nuffnang and Churp churp screening is 3D one , but ours groupsmore in Hall 10  is the normal version 1 for this Rapunzel screening ! Cathay is so unfair !

Next time i will think twice 1st before i go to Cathay to watch movie . What a bad experience that i experienced ! People , i would warned you all 1st , think properly before go to Cathay Cineplex at E@Curve to watch movie !

Till then , bye ! 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Special Screening of Social Network

Thanks to Nuffnang , i won myself 2 ticket of  the Special Screening of Social Network on 9pm , 22 November 2010 , at GSC Midvalley  .Invited  Liki as my date . So after my class end at 5.30pm , i went to fetch Liki and off we went to Midvalley . Meet up with Shannon and Jackie Loi , then we have our dinner at Carl Junior , my second time eating at Carl Junior .

Liki , Shannon , Jackie Loi , Yoong Jun , and me .

Jen , Aimar,Nicole, TianChad, Ruby, and Wern join us dinner too .

After dinner , we off to the movie , Social Network .

Genre : Drama, Comedy                                                              
On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea.  In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history... but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications.  From director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin comes The Social Network, a film that proves you don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.  The film is produced by Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, and Ce├ín Chaffin and based on the book "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich.
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake
Directed by: David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club)

Comment : I don't quite like this movie . I personally feel that the movie is boring . There's too much of talking , and they talk too fast . I can get what they say in some scene . It is just not the movie i like . It is not as what i expected . Sorry to say , i wouldn't recommend people to watch this movie. But it's just my opinion  , you all still can go watch and judge it yourself.

Till then , bye 

Food !

Okay , my mum is from Kelantan . And there's many Kelantan specialty food . There are Nasi Dagang , Keropok Lekor , Fish currypuff , Nasi Laut , soto , and many more . But my all time favourite is my mum home cook Nasi Ulam , another Kelantan Specialties . It always nice , i only get to eat like twice a year . 

Nasi Ulam ! 

The rice is green colour , it make from some green healthy leaf gravy . And Ulam is actually vegetables . There's a lot of vegetables to eat with this rice . It is a healthy rice . It must be eat with keropok too . And with fish too . But i dont like fish . so , i eat it with all the vegetables and keropok only . And the best ever thing is the santan gravy , the orange gravy . It's yummy , but high in cholesterol la . You can eat it with the red sour chili sauce too , my mum home made chili . So , this is my all time favourite . There's some place sell it in K.L . And the original 1 is at Kelantan . But i still like this one which is cook by my mum ! Awesome yo ! 

Next on , the food i going to introduce is from Malaysia , i think everyone will know this .

Ramly Burger Ayam Special !

I like this burger ! it is cheaper and more filling than Mcdonald ! Rm 3.20 u can get this already , cheap right ? I buy this as my supper sometime as there's a stall near my house that open untill 12am . Oh yea , there Otai burger now , but i havent try that yet . Which one nicer , people ? 

That's all for now
Till then , bye . 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Smashpop's Lenovo Giveaway contest result !

The Smashpop's Lenovo Giveaway contest result just out . I am in the #5 place , so i get a Lenovo water +     T- Shirt ! i didn't win the laptop ! But it is okay . At least i win something . haha

Anyway , congratulation to my friend , Wei Wei who win the laptop ! 

Anyway , thanks for the support my fellow friend ! Fiona , Pennie , Wilee , Ching Mann , Hitomi , Hilda , Joeann , Nanalana , Liki , Xiao Tong , Jiayeen , Jessy ,Tansra ,  Jfook , Joshua Law , Alex , and Wen Yi . Thanks a lot ! I really truly appreciate all of  your support ! I will belanja you all makan , but after my exam , teehee . XD

Oh ya , i just back from The Social Network special screening . Sad to say that it is just another normal and boring movie . Nothing special about the movie . There's too much of talking , and they talk too fast . It is just my comment . Not going to write review about this movie .

Till then , bye !

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Thanks to those people who support me !

Thanks a lot to all the people who support me for the smashpop's Lenovo Laptop giveaway ! Tomorrow is the last day of the competition ! I truly appreciate those who support me by writing a simple blog post . This blog post is specially for you all !

Thanks a lot to Fiona , Pennie , Wilee , Ching Mann , Hitomi , Hilda , Joeann , Nanalana , Liki , Xiao Tong , Jiayeen , Jessy ,Tansra ,  Jfook , Joshua Law , Alex , and Shii Teck ! Thanks a lot for the support ! I truly appreciate it !

I actually joining this contest with low hope . Because i know i may not win the laptop . I just try and see , Never try never know . I never expect that i will get so many support from you all . I really touched . Thanks a lot ! You all rocks !

Even if i didn't win , i already happy , as i get so many support from you all . But hopefully i win , so that i didn't dissapoint you all . You all are great friend of mine !

To those that feel annoyed because i tweet or msn or fb you all to help me in this contest , i really sorry !

I will announce and write a blog post here when the result out , i will blog no matter what result i get .

Wish me luck ! 

Till then , bye 

Fake Smile

Third thought of the day . Everyone do fake a smile , right ? Fake a smile is very easy , but to know a person is happy or not is hard . Even me myself also fake a smile sometime. Eventhough when i sad , i will try to not showing it out by fake a smile . Everyone doesn't want to let their friend sad because they are sad , right ? but everyone do have feeling . I think that sometime we need to share with our friend when we are sad . That's are friend , friend help each other . Friend share joy together , and share the sadness together , isn't it ? but i somehow believe that only true and close friend will know are you sad , even you fake a smile , they will also know that you are not okay .

It's amazing when strangers become friends, but it's sad when friends become strangers.  So, care about your friend , try to notice if they are sad or not . And people , you dont need to fake a smile when you are in front of your friend . Friend know you best , just show them your true feeling . Dont wear a mask when you are with your friend , treat your friend with your true heart , true attitude , and have trust on them . You dont want to lose them , aren't you ? So, appreciate and cherish your friend . Dont ever fake a smile , it's like wearing a mask in front of your friend . Show your true feeling , friends is always the best ! 

Some suprise in life is good

Did you ever suprise anyone ? I will say yes , i had suprise few people , let see , i had suprise Kiki , my TARC friend before . I bought two slice of Secret Recipe and bought a doodolls frog for her . I celebrate her birthday with her outside Old Town Kopitiam . She thought it is just a normal birthday celebration , she doesn't know that i had bought a present that she like for her .Lol . This is happen during the year 2009 , 1 years ago but still memories . Haha

This is Kiki

Then i also suprised two of my friend i know from PC Fair , Jia Wen , and Chee Yee . Me and Chee Yee plan to go meet up with Jia Wen at 1 day in November 2009 . And Jia Wen and Chee Yee both is December baby , so i bought 2 teddy bear as their present and bring there and give them during our meal . And i manage to suprise them. woohoo ! Check back the blog post , Friday IOI Outing 30-11-09.

Chee Yee and Jia Wen with the bear i give them

Once in a while , give your friend some suprise ,it will show that yo care for them . It will make them happy eventhough it is just a small suprise , because u make a suprise with your heart and hard work . I like to suprise my friend sometime . Do you ? And who need suprise ? Anyone ? Who doesn't like suprise . So, spend some time to suprise the people you love and heart is always a good thing in life . 


This is just some random thought of mine . Everybody need courage ,right ? You may say it is easy to do this and that , but do you have the courage ? I have the courage to try to eat again and overcome my anxiety problem , i tell my self  that i must eat , i must eat to survive , and i did it ! And i tried to get the courage to confessed to two girls that i like last time , i try eventhough i may get rejected . At least i try ! Never try , never know . There's no harm trying. People , dont ever say i cant do this , i cant do that , nothing is impossible . We must get the courage ! Still remember James Vujicic , the guy with no leg and no arm guy. He said we may fall down own day , but we must find back the strength to get up . We must find the courage to get up .He say , we need to try , try many time until you cant get up . There's many challenge in life , and there's always hope and solution to solve the problem , if only you try . People , try first before you say cannnot or No . People , find back your courage , dont ever give up in life . Life is wonderful , enjoy it to the maximum . Try your best in everything you do , and get the courage to overcome and solve the challenge in life . Afterall, we only live once , and we should have the courage to do something we want . I heard a very sad story , which one of my friend tell me . She say her friend like a girl very much , but he doesn't have the courage to confess to that girl .He been diagnosed with leukemia , and he passed away and didn't tell the girl that he like her . It is until the girl know that that guy like her , How sad isn't it ? so , people , get the courage and do whatever you want before you regret or you doesn't have the chance to do so . Until then , you will see how great life is .

Richard Teo 19th Birthday

On 16 November 2010 , i was invited by Richard Teo to his 19th birthday at Alexis , The Gardens , same place as where Shannon Chow 20th Birthday held . So, i reach Midvalley at 5.30pm, then i meet up with Jiayeen , Hooi Nee , and Liki . Then,off we went to Alexis , The Garden .

The Birthday boy , Richard Teo

The blogger that reach early 

The birthday boy , Richard Teo and me 

Nanalana , Jiayeen , and Liki

Me , Jfook and Nanalana

All the blogger that reach in time . Back row left : The birthday boy , Richard Teo , Me , Jfook and Nanalana.
Front row : Shannon , Jiayeen , and Liki 

Richard Teo so called brother , Shaun Damien and Richard Teo

Me and Tony

Me and Hooi Nee

Me and Jackie Loi

Me and Adrian

Xiao Tong , Calvin , and me 

Edwin and me 

Me and Shaun Damien 

The food :

Pizza 1 


some chicken 


Pizza 2

Roast duck

Beef Lasagna

When there's blogger , you need to be patient , we took about 2-3 minutes to take the photo of the food before everyone can eat . lols

After the food ,then we chit chat a while , then it is the time for the celebration !

The Chocalate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe.

Blogger snap snap away , 2 DSLR .lols

Blowing candle 

more like stab the cake .lols

The birthday boy actually got bored of posing for all the blogger camera . I think he pose for like 2- 3 minutes . Haha That is blogger , snap the photo all the way , with DSLr or digital camera .

Finally can cut the cake , but also need to pose for few minutes again . Pity Richard . haha

Then , we eat the cake and chit chatted a while , we actually chat about Sejarah of all thing .lols

After that , went out from Alexis , and it is open present session .

The book he hunt for , Law of Attraction , from me , Jiayeen , Tony , Liki , and Hooi Nee .

Teddy bear from Jfook and Nanalana

A cute XS T-Shirt by Edwin , Xiao Tong , Calvin , and Adrian .

Is good to celebrate your birthday with bloggers , blogger will write your birthday celebration in their blog . I'm the second last blogger with camera  to blog about it . Check out Jfook post , Nanalana post , 
Liki post , Shannon post , and Jackie Loi post . Adrian , faster post ! you are the last one to blogger with camera to blog

So, celebrate your birthday with blogger is fun !

Happy Birthday to  Richard Teo  once again !