Sunday, 21 November 2010


This is just some random thought of mine . Everybody need courage ,right ? You may say it is easy to do this and that , but do you have the courage ? I have the courage to try to eat again and overcome my anxiety problem , i tell my self  that i must eat , i must eat to survive , and i did it ! And i tried to get the courage to confessed to two girls that i like last time , i try eventhough i may get rejected . At least i try ! Never try , never know . There's no harm trying. People , dont ever say i cant do this , i cant do that , nothing is impossible . We must get the courage ! Still remember James Vujicic , the guy with no leg and no arm guy. He said we may fall down own day , but we must find back the strength to get up . We must find the courage to get up .He say , we need to try , try many time until you cant get up . There's many challenge in life , and there's always hope and solution to solve the problem , if only you try . People , try first before you say cannnot or No . People , find back your courage , dont ever give up in life . Life is wonderful , enjoy it to the maximum . Try your best in everything you do , and get the courage to overcome and solve the challenge in life . Afterall, we only live once , and we should have the courage to do something we want . I heard a very sad story , which one of my friend tell me . She say her friend like a girl very much , but he doesn't have the courage to confess to that girl .He been diagnosed with leukemia , and he passed away and didn't tell the girl that he like her . It is until the girl know that that guy like her , How sad isn't it ? so , people , get the courage and do whatever you want before you regret or you doesn't have the chance to do so . Until then , you will see how great life is .


  1. Yr courage post do inspire me in a way, thanks (;

  2. Hilda : You are welcome ! =D Glad that this post inspired you . =D