Sunday, 21 November 2010

Digi Pimp My Music Party

On 11 November , i went to Digi pimp my music party . Thanks to Nuffnang for the invite . I went there with Tony , he drive , I park my car at SS17 . Then i follow his car to Zouk after his work . We stuck in Traffic Jam . Reach KLCC at about 7pm to fetch Wilee . Then, off we go to Zouk . Yes , Digi Pimp my music party is at Velvet Underground , Zouk , the most popular club at K.L . We reach zouk at about 7.30pm .

Went in and register by this 2 pretty lady , Xinxian aka fresh and another Nuffnang staff

We get a free original CD too as door gift ! 
Then , we went in to the Velvet Underground 

No alcohol served during event . There's coke and 7up only 

Then , camwhore session before the event started .

Tony and Wilee 

Me and  Wilee

Tony and me 

Xiao Tong , Dixxon , and me .

From left : Calvin , Nikel , Michael , Me , and Alex

Tony , me , and Joshua Law

Me and Jackie Loi

Then the event started at about 8pm .

The emcee , Robb a.k.a Adam Lambert 

Guess the identity games . Left is Jason Mraz and on the right is Lady Gaga 

Shah a.k.a Michael Buble 

Elvis Presley 

Woots ! P.Ramlee

Then Dinner served .

There are fried rice , curry chicken , and spaghetti .

Here's Iphone 4 

Then , after dinner , Mr Darren Poon present about the Digi Music Play application . His presentation is awesome and funny !

Mr. Darren Poon

Whatis Digi Music Play application ?

It's an application where you can download unlimited music for only RM5 per month . It's not only for Iphone 4 . Digi also plan to roll out for Blackberry , Android , Window phone 7 and Ipad version .

After the presentation , there's a dance competition . It's a game like 'freeze', where you need to dance when there's music , and freeze when the music stop . the person who had the best pose when freeze will win .

Lastly , is the best dressed blogger competition 

Here's the four finalist : Lady Gaga 1 , Elvis Presley , Lady Gaga 2 , and Marilyn Manson

They required to perform the talents relate to their celebrity identity .

So after the competition , there are decision by the judges .

This are the top 2 finalist , they required to PK with each other .

So , after the PK session , the winner goes to :

Lady Gaga ! She win an Iphone 3Gs

Me and the two Lady Gaga 

Latly , group photo before we left at 10.30pm

Blogger rocks ! 

*Some photo are credited to Tikkoss and Joshua Law . 

Till then , bye .

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