Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fake Smile

Third thought of the day . Everyone do fake a smile , right ? Fake a smile is very easy , but to know a person is happy or not is hard . Even me myself also fake a smile sometime. Eventhough when i sad , i will try to not showing it out by fake a smile . Everyone doesn't want to let their friend sad because they are sad , right ? but everyone do have feeling . I think that sometime we need to share with our friend when we are sad . That's are friend , friend help each other . Friend share joy together , and share the sadness together , isn't it ? but i somehow believe that only true and close friend will know are you sad , even you fake a smile , they will also know that you are not okay .

It's amazing when strangers become friends, but it's sad when friends become strangers.  So, care about your friend , try to notice if they are sad or not . And people , you dont need to fake a smile when you are in front of your friend . Friend know you best , just show them your true feeling . Dont wear a mask when you are with your friend , treat your friend with your true heart , true attitude , and have trust on them . You dont want to lose them , aren't you ? So, appreciate and cherish your friend . Dont ever fake a smile , it's like wearing a mask in front of your friend . Show your true feeling , friends is always the best ! 

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