Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Food !

Okay , my mum is from Kelantan . And there's many Kelantan specialty food . There are Nasi Dagang , Keropok Lekor , Fish currypuff , Nasi Laut , soto , and many more . But my all time favourite is my mum home cook Nasi Ulam , another Kelantan Specialties . It always nice , i only get to eat like twice a year . 

Nasi Ulam ! 

The rice is green colour , it make from some green healthy leaf gravy . And Ulam is actually vegetables . There's a lot of vegetables to eat with this rice . It is a healthy rice . It must be eat with keropok too . And with fish too . But i dont like fish . so , i eat it with all the vegetables and keropok only . And the best ever thing is the santan gravy , the orange gravy . It's yummy , but high in cholesterol la . You can eat it with the red sour chili sauce too , my mum home made chili . So , this is my all time favourite . There's some place sell it in K.L . And the original 1 is at Kelantan . But i still like this one which is cook by my mum ! Awesome yo ! 

Next on , the food i going to introduce is from Malaysia , i think everyone will know this .

Ramly Burger Ayam Special !

I like this burger ! it is cheaper and more filling than Mcdonald ! Rm 3.20 u can get this already , cheap right ? I buy this as my supper sometime as there's a stall near my house that open untill 12am . Oh yea , there Otai burger now , but i havent try that yet . Which one nicer , people ? 

That's all for now
Till then , bye . 


  1. Hmm, would love to try the Nasi Ulam! Looks delicious! Eh, the Ramli burger special is only RM 3 at my housing area leh...

  2. Tansra : Yeap, go try the nasi ulam . =p Haha , ur place there sell cheap .lol hehe