Monday, 8 November 2010

Friends make life perfect ( part 1 )

First of all , i want to say thanks to all of the people who read my previous post , " Life is hard , compared to what ?! " . Thanks a lot for like and love my this post ! Thanks a lot for all the comment , encouragement ,and compliment ! I really appreciate a lots ! No worries, i'm okay ,and i'm fine . I had move on , i'm always a positive person .

Okay , my title for today is " Friends make life perfect " . Don't you agree ? Okay , some may agree , some may not agree . Everyone have different opinions or view . For me , it is definitely a yes . It's not the amount of the friends that counts ,it is the friendship you earn that counts . You doesn't need to have a lot of best friend , a few of best friend is more than enough . But you can have a lot of friend . Well, i have a lot of friend . For you all , i may not be your friend . But for me, everyone who walks in to my life is my friend . Once a friend , forever a friend . For me, friend always come first . Okay , family also come first . I treat every of my friend equally , i dont pilih kasih . I dont choose who to be my friend . Everyone is welcome to be my friend , as long as you not a betrayer or stalker . I put in lots of effort in making friends , and i don't really hope for any return. I love to see my friend happy . Well, friend in need is friend indeed . I will be always there for every of my friend  , i willing to be their listener . I am very grateful to have all my friend now . It's takes a lifetime to find a true friend . But to make a friend is not easy , so appreciate every friend . I got a lot of girl's friend compared to boy's friend, i also dunno why . Maybe i feel easier to talk to girls .

Okay , as i know , many of my friend reads my blog . Some of you may be my silent reader , but i know you all always read my blog . Joven , Jiun Tat , Ryan , Sherril  , Jia Wen , Tansra , Melanie , Boon Seong , woon ,   i know you all got read my blog , you all are my silent reader . I think still got some that i dont know . Sometime i do suprise when my friend ask me what happen when we yumcha or chatting , those thing is i write in my blog only . Although i'm shocked , but my friend , you all are freaking awesome yo !

With the support of my friend , my blog only can survive . So , this post is specially dedicated to all my friend . I will show all my love to you all . You all may not remember every single small little detail or memories . But i remember it . So , let's stop crap and begin it .

I'm sure everyone do have some special friend in their mind . I do have too . I have a lots of special friend .

Okay , let's start with a best friend that i know for 12 years . I know this best friend since i'm 10 years old . He is

Joven ( left )

I know Joven when i went to a math tutition during standard 4 at Bandar Sri Damansara , where i used to stay at there last time . As the math tuition class is small, so we get to know everyone and we are kind of close . I'm close to Joven . So , we had tution together for standard 4 until standard 6 . Then , during form 1 , suprisingly i meet him again in the first day of our orientation at S.M.K Taman Ehsan . I was seating alone at the canteen , and then i saw him . Then we were wonder whether we are in the same class or not . Then , so coincidencely, we are in the same class , 1p2 . Then , we continue be in the same class in form 2 , 2 Amanah , and  form 3 , 3 Amanah . Then in form 4 and form 5 , we are in the different class . He is in the first class 4 Mulia , while i am in the second class , 4 Murni . But that doesn't affect our friendship , we still are best friend . And as we stay in the same garden , Bandar Sri Damansara , and  our house very near to each other . I often go to his house . And we also carpool to tuition together . After that , in year 2005 ,he shifted to Kota Damansara . But is fine , we still come out yumcha once in a while . And tell you what , 3 years later , i shifted to Kota Damansara . And my house and his house is very near only . So , we become neighbour again . Although now he is in U.K pursuing his degree , but we still keep in contact when he is back .

Here's some word i want to say to Joven :
Joven , i know you reading my blog now . I just want to tell you , you are an awesome friend of mine . I'm feel grateful and lucky to have you this friend . You are a best friend to me . I hope i am a best friend to you too  You are a supportive friend . Thanks for always support me , thanks for the encouragement and concern ! I appreaciate a lots ! I appreciate you this friend ! You are a wonderful friend . Although , i hardly keep in touch with you , but i really do miss you always . I hardly msn or skype with you is because i dont want to disturb you study , i know you busying study over there at U.K . All the best and good luck ya !  We have been friend for 12 years and it still counting . See you soon when you back after graduated next year ! 

Next , let me introduce you Kenny , another best friend of mine in secondary school :

Kenny ( Left )

Kenny , or Guo Dong , i usually call him Guo Dong . I know him since form 1 , we were in the same class from form 1 till form 3 , and different class in form 4 and form 5  but that doesn't affect our friendship . We are still best friend until now . He is a crazy friend , he is crazy and funny in his own way . He is also a supportive and helpful friend . I still remember that we used to have tuition together in Cekap . And he sometime help me in some homework i dont know , he is a helpful friend indeed . We still keep in touch now , we will come out yumcha often .

To Kenny , you are always my awesome friend . I heart you this friend , I feel luck and grateful to have you this friend . All the best and good luck in your final year in UTAR ! We had be friend for 9 years and still counting.

This are few of my close secondary school friend . Not to forget the awesome sot gang which are all my secondary school classmates friend.  They are awesome , and they are crazy and funny in their own way . We have this tradition , we will go to eeach of our house to bai nian during chinese new year without failed . Like i tell you all in my previous post , they are very supportive friend , thet support and care for me when my sis koma and passed away , they always encourage me . They are simply awesome ! So now ,let me present you the sot gang , in their own funny way ! 

CNY bai nian 

Zeming Farewell Take 1 

Zeming Farewell Take 2 

The most recent yumcha take 1 

The most recent yumcha take 2 

Some of the sot gang member are not inside the photo , as they all are studied in other state or overseas , you all know who you all are . To all my Sot gang friend , you all are awesome . You all make my life full of fun , full of laughter , and full of joy . I really appreciate everyone of you ! I fell lucky and grateful to have all of you all as my friend ! Without you all, my life will be boring and dull . Waiting forward to the next gathering , which will be most likely next year february . Until then , take care ! 

Okay ,this is another long post . But this is just part 1 . Shall move on to part 2 now , another post .  


  1. Hey!! First time posting here. Silent reader indeed. XD Thanks for being my friend too. =)

  2. Joven : Hahaha ! You are fast whey ! lol . You are welcome ! Glad to have you this friend ! =D

  3. Woots! My name's mentioned! I'm famous, wohoo~~ :)
    Anyway, jz wanna tell u that I read yr blog coz you're a good blogger! Your posts are so easy to read and understand...that's why I like it! Readin it is fun, and not a chore :)

  4. Tansra : hahaha ! Thanks for your compliment ! =D Your blog is easy and fun to read too ! =D