Monday, 8 November 2010

Friends make life perfect ( part 2 )

Here comes part 2 .

i have another few close friend during form 4 , we are close as we sit very near in class as in front and back only . Thy are

Yee Lu ( Left ) and Hui Shien ( middle )

Hui shien and Yee Lu both are crazy and funny girl . We can crap and joke everytime when we chat . We will laugh ourself also some time , syok sendiri . Lol . They both are my great and close friend during form 4 . And we are friend till now . I appreaciate and heart they two a lots .

To Hui Shien and Yee Lu , you two are my awesome and great friend . Although i hardly keep in touch with you two nowadays. It doesn't mean i forget you two . I remember you two always ,and i miss you two too ! We shall catch up soon ! maybe next month after my exam . We had know each other for 6 years and still counting . All the best in your studies , Yee Lu and Hui Shien ! =D

Okay , after i finish my secondary school friend . I study in UTAR . I study foundatiuon in arts in UTAR for 1 year at year 2007 . During foundation , i get to know an awesome bunch of friend . 

I got few close friend in my foundation life . First off is Sher Ryn 

I still remember how i know Sher Ryn . I still remember on the first day of class , i saw my class name list ,and i saw few special name . Then , when i back home , i try to search them at friendster . Then i  manage to found Sher Ryn profile ,and i add her . Then , i tell her we in same class ,and i think we even msn . Then in the next day , she notice me when the lecturer is taking attendance . But we didn't talk to each other yet that day . Then few days after that , we happen to waiting for lecture at a same place ,and i approach her , and then we become friends . We do assignment together as in we in the same assignment group and sit in lecture hall together with few others . Then many inside story happen during that 1 year ,but i glad that we are still best friend now . We even become better than best friend now . 

To Sher Ryn , i feel grateful and lucky to have you this caring , supportive and great friend . I appreciate you this friend a lots . We have be friend for 4 years and still counting . All the best in your career ! 

My next close friend during foundation is Moon 


I know Moon in foundation also, we were in the same class as well  . We are close friend too . We study together , do assignment together , hang out together during foundation . Although we had a fight before , but it just last for a while . We are still best friend until now . She is a caring and supportive friend .

To Moon , You are an awesome friend ! Great to have you as friend ! we have been friend for 6 years ,and it still counting .

My another close friend is Adrian .

He is a supportive and caring friend . He is my class rep during foundation . He always give encouragement  to me . He is an awesome friend ! 

To Adrian , All the best in your studies in TARCollege ! We have been friend for 4 years, and still counting ! I really appreciate you this friend . 

Ruby and Yew Tat is also my foundation close friend . They are supportive and caring friend too ! I appreciate them too ! We have been friend for 4 years . To Ruby and Yew Tat , all the best in everything you do ! Take care ! 

Not to forget , i get to know an awesome bunch of foundation friend , the TC2-ian . We always got gather and yumcha although we now are all study at different place or working . TC2-ian , you all are awesome ! 

Movie day during foundation

Photoshoot before we finish Foundation 

Steamboat Gathering 

The most recent gathering 

Then , i study in UTAR Setapak , construction management degree for 1 year . And i get to know another bunch of awesome friend .

The few of my close friend there are , Wei Chun , William, Wei Ching , Kai Ling , Kuok Hun , Allan , Javen , and Chun Hong .  They are awesome ! A very supportive friend of mine . I glad that i know and have them as my friend . 

William ( left ) , and Kai Ling ( Right ) 

Then before i left UTAR , i join the Welcome Freshman Concert Comittee . I am the secretary . I get to know another bunch of awesome adventurous and outgoing friend . 

They are Shen Chie , Sherril , Tzyy Shyuan , Onn Sein , Richard , Kok Sheng , Eric , Yoon Fei , and Adrian . They are a bunch of adventurous and outgoing friend . They are all my awesome friend . We had become great friend although we just work in a team for 1 month ++ only . I'm glad to have them as my friend . They are just simply awesome ! 

There's always reason for something to happen . I never regret that i study at UTAR . I'm glad that i study in UTAR before . I had earn a lot of friendship at UTAR . To all my UTAR friend , You all are awesome ! 

Okay ,shall continue it in part 3 .

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