Monday, 8 November 2010

Friends make life perfect ( part 3 )

Here comes part 3

After i leave UTAR , i changed to TARC . I get to know few friend there .

John and Teri 

They two are my study and hangout buddy at TARCollege. They two are my supportive friend . We have separated to have our own life now . They two are working while i pursuing degree now . Teri , John , we catch up soon ya !  

Then i join and become Mass Call Helper , and i know few friend from mass call too .

From left : Siow Hoe , Jacob , Kiki , and me 

Siow Hoe , Jacob , and Kiki are great friend i know and be friend from TARCollege . Glad to know and be friend with them . We shall catch up soon .. Long time didn't meet you all . 

Then before i leave UTAR , i know another group of great friend , as i join to become the comittee of V - Award, my final year project showcase .

I doesn't need to mention the name . You all know who you are . You all are awesome ! 

Then , i get to know few awesome friend when i work at PC Fair on July 2009 . 

Jia Wen , Chee Yee , Joey  , Pei Nee . I glad and lucky to have you all this four friend . You all are my crazy and fun friend . You all are my awesome friend ! we shall meet up soon kay . Until then , take care and all the best in your studies !

Next , i also got 1 'heng dai' . She is Lim Wei Qing . 

She is my awesome 'heng dai' . She always support and encourage me . Glad to have her as my 'heng dai' .She is my great friend , very best friend . She is in Singapore now . Wei Qing , All the best in your trainig in Singapore ! See you soon ! Until then , take care . 

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