Monday, 29 November 2010

Hanger Autumn Winter 2010 Launch Party

On 25 November , Thursday , while i was eating in Mcdonald and online , i  randomly saw this retweet by Nanalana .

So , i decided to join . And so , i head to Juice Twitter page .  And i saw this tweet .

And here's my tweet .

And then i get a DM saying that i won 2 tickets to the Hanger Launch party ! Yay! 

I invited Henry Lee . And as Nanalana not going , so i asked for her invites , and i invite Tony ,and Tony invite his friend .

So on that day , we reach HEX at 8.30pm .

After we registered at 9pm , we went in to HEX for the party .

We were served with free flow of Cranberry mocktail , Absolute mocktail , coke , and Sprite .

This is the Hanger Magazine Third issues : Autumn and winter 2010 annual launch Party by Juice . Hanger Magazine is produced twice a year , a bi - annual magazine . And so , we get a 1st hand free Hanger Third Issues Magazine .

Let me show you the stage area .

The DJ .

The famous blogger ,Joyce Kinkybluefairy and her friend DJ-ing

Their concept , Hanger 

Oh yeah , we are provided with free cupcakes too.

And free Lolipop also .

Us . 

Tony , and his friend , Yin Wei

Tony , and his friend , Yin Wei , and me .

Me and Henry Lee

The atmosphere and crowd . 

The party is so so only , a little bit boring , we thought that there will be fashion show , but apparently no . All the people who attended are mostly model , celebrities , or fashion designer , or person from fashion industry , and of course the magazine staff . We doesn't even know any single people there .The theme of the party is "Hot in the City " , and you need to dress to impress , with the clothing theme that are London , Paris , New York , and Tokyo . The best dressed male and female will win Premium Class (Flat Bed) tix to Tokyo on Air Asia X. So, many people dress very well to the party to impress . I even saw many guy dress very gayish and sissy , as in they dress in something like gown and dress , and with make up . I even saw a guy wear heels . wth ! Maybe they are model or fashion designer , and they are used to it . We went off early at 10pm something as we are kind of bored chilling at there . Well, i would say the club is nice , it is a nice place to chill . And is a cool experience to attend my first time of fashion magazine launch exclusive party . You been served like VIP. 

Last photo taken before we went off and back home 

P.S : This is also the club where 7aste New York will be held . 7aste New York will be held at HEX at 17 December 2010 , which is also my birthday . But too bad , i can't attend it as i will be back at my mum  hometown that time . 

Till then , bye 

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