Sunday, 14 November 2010

I need your help !

I'm taking part in the Smashpop's Lenovo Giveaway contest ! I want to win a Lenovo Ideapad U460 laptop ! Yes , i desperately need a new laptop ,as my current laptop is giving me a lot of problem . I had bring it to service once, but it still same , it will hang and jam , happens many time dy . And it will automatically shut down too . Guess my laptop is already old ! I need a new laptop ! Please help me people ! 

This is my fun photo entry ! 

What i define as fun ? 

Fun i s doing something crazy . Fun is to be daring to be fun and funny in front of the public . Fun is one of the factor to live our life to the fullest ! Fun is doing some stuff randomly and crazily without any reason . The photo above is all  my secondary school best friend a.k.a Sor Gang . They are the funniest friend and craziest friend in my life ! we did many crazy thing together , and  i always have fun with them ! They never failed to make my life fun , joyful and happy . They always make me laugh out loud . I guess without them , my life will not be so fun ! I heart all of them ! With this sot gang , my life is full of fun and joy ! I always enjoy to have fun and being crazy with them !

So , to all my blogger friend , and to all my friend who had blog , please help me ! I really truly appreciate your help ! How you can help , it is very simple . This is an example :


Just like this , it's very easy . Let me tell you the step again : 

1. Make a new post in your blog .
2. Put the banner photo above like mine at below your post , remember to link back the banner photo to
3. Write "I SUPPORT JAYREN HANN YAW " below the banner photo . 

Please submit your blog post link to me in my comment here or my cbox or msn or facebook or twitter  if you all blog about it . Thanks a lot in advance ! I really appreaciate it if you all help out . Just with this few simple and easy step , and you will help me to gain point to win this Lenovo Ideapad U460 laptop . Thanks a lot ! 

Thank you very much ! 

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