Monday, 29 November 2010


I went to watch Megamind with Richard on 25 November 2010 , 2.30pm at  GSC 1 Utama .Note : this is not a premiere screening , we paid to watch this movie . It had been few months i watch movie for free . Okay , back to the topic , we had lunch in the new Mcdonald at 1 Utama New Wing 1st at 1pm something . Then , at 1.30pm , off we went to watch the movie .


The supervillain Megamind finally conquers his nemesis, the hero Metro Man... but finds his life pointless without a hero to fight.

Comment : Not much comment for the movie . It is either the movie is boring or i am too tired . I think i fall asleep almost throughout the whole movie . I think Richard didn't notice i sleeping. Lol . The movie is about 2 superhero fighting . My opinion for the movie is it is just another boring fighting movie .

Till then , bye 


  1. Megamind is nice! I was laughing throughout the movie and cried a little during the sad part :P

  2. Lol . Maybe is just not the type of movie i like . Lol =p